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How to Create a Joyful Workspace at Home


Do you have a space at home to call your own for creativity, work, blogging? It does not need to be a whole room, I certainly don’t have that luxury and nor do I really need it. It is possible to create your own space anywhere that you can fit a desk and a chair. It does not need to cost the earth either, and it can be as sleek and clean or as whimsical as your heart and soul desires, whatever works best for you and your inner creativity!







Here are my tips for creating a workspace at home that you love without spending the earth:

♡ My desk is old, as you can probably tell! I like a bit of character in my furniture, you may prefer something more sleek. Places like Ikea and Officeworks are great for sleek, op shops and older furniture that you can reuse are perfect for a vintage or shabby style like mine. Most of you would know that I have this thing with painting my furniture white, and that is how I keep things a little fresh, my desk is the perfect example of an old table up-cycled!

♡ Collect postcards and clippings from magazines and old books to use rather than spending lots of money on art if that is not an option for you. There are also loads of places like Blacklist Studios and Society 6 selling beautiful affordable prints and posters that are perfect for personalising your workspace.

♡ Look out for magazines such as the latest Real Living special which included free tear out cardboard art by Rachel Castle, you can see two of these in my new workspace .. JUST LOVE EVERYONE and YOU’RE EVERYTHING.

♡ Use a big white framed pin board above your desk if you are facing a wall or want to look at something inspiring! I don’t have the option of facing a window so this works perfectly in my space. My board is from Kikki K.

♡ Use Ikea frames with some of your favourite photos, you can see a little white frame to the left of my board that I have used from Ikea.

♡ Clear the clutter, remove anything that is not essential from your workspace. It is the best way to keep things nice and clean, and this includes your mind! Clutter can detract from your creativity and your work at times, unless this is a part of your process of course! My brain is busy enough as it is without trying to cope with extra clutter in and around my workspace.

♡ Store things elsewhere but close by to avoid clutter, create or utilise something neat such as a chest of drawers or box system. Pop this somewhere out of sight yet close enough to access when you need things that are not needed at your desk daily.

♡ Choose a spot that is light, natural light is such a beautiful thing to have in your workspace. It creates a brighter space and a lighter mood for creativity and productivity.

♡ Use fairy lights or soft lamps rather than harsh light at night. I hardly use any of the overhead lighting in our home, we have lamps, candles and fairy lights in every room and this type of light is just so much nicer.

♡ Buy a small speaker and use headphones to remove outside noise when it is cutting into your creative time! I have a small speaker from Officeworks that plugs into my Mac and it is perfect at my desk for listening to podcasts, the radio and Pandora!

♡ Use some crystals in your workspace, to bring in the energy that you desire. I have a large amethyst and also clear quartz at my desk, I do mix these around with others too. I found this post really helpful if you are new to using crystals.

♡ Colour coordinate or choose colours that evoke the feelings you want in your workspace. I am a bit eclectic at home, and in life in general! I do gravitate towards colour though, as you can see! I find this is what inspires me, uplifts me and keeps me motivated.

♡ Another little idea I recently created is using nice washi tape on the walls with postcards, you can see some of those that I bought in Hawaii on the wall to the right of my space. I often find really beautiful free postcards at cafes too! Washi tape can be used any way you like on your walls, you can even just make yourself a bit of a graphic piece of art without the postcards, I love some of the ideas in this post.

♡ I love to have a beautiful candle burning, I use my lightbox from Typo to show a quote that inspires me, and I always have my favourite magazines and books around me.

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  • jenni from styling curvy

    I recently took over our awkwardly designed second living area as my work station and I love it! I’m so much more productive and organised. Yours is so pretty xx

  • Vicki Wallis

    I love this. V x

  • lolshelley

    Great post Lisa! I am just in the process of merging my two writing spaces. Originally I had a wonderful area set up in a study with a vision board, soft lighting and special mementos but there was no window. During the HSC last year, we set up a trestle table for my daughter in our front loungeroom, overlooking the garden. There was lots of natural light and a connection to the outside world when she felt she was drowning under the pressure of study. After the HSC, the desk stayed there for a while and I decided to sit there one day and write….and I LOVED it!

    Writing is such a solitary activity but in front of that window I never felt alone. I would see people out walking, or the mailman doing his daily rounds. For my birthday last year I bought a beautiful, washed timber writing table and comfy chair and I have re-purposed this room as MY room. It’s where I write, surf the net, read and relax. Anyone else can use the room but they are normally off in the family room where the television is.

    But I feel like I have abandoned my old space in the study yet I don’t have the room in the lounge to display all of my trinkets. I think I might need to do a little furniture shuffling to amalgamate the two zones.

    I love your work space, so light and bright. Happy writing. Shell.x

    • admin

      OH Shell I love this so much!
      What a beautiful thing that you found yourself such a perfect space this way xx
      I have always wanted to be near the window although I have such lovely light around me where I am too.

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