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How to Find Inspiration in Your Everyday Life

How to find inspiration in the everyday

Sometimes you need a little inspiration, a little extra excitement or brightness in your soul when you are in the depths of your routine each day, week, month .. I find that there are many ways you can add a little sparkle. It really is about carefully seeking out some lovely things, things that give you a bit of a lift when you are drowning or overwhelmed in the ‘everyday’. I have a few ways that I find inspiration in everyday life to share with you.

Read something with substance .. get rid of the trash mags! A magazine like the Collective is seriously life affirming, unlike the crap mags that are filled with awfulness and end up making you feel B.A.D about yourself and the world. The Collective will open your eyes to the possibilities in your life, it will fill you with ambition and support you to bring your dreams to life! (If you are still making excuses about how the trash allows you to ‘escape’, I beg you to escape somewhere more meaningful!)

Wear some colour! I know that black is awesome, and will forever be the most flattering, the effect of wearing some colour will add a little sparkle to your days. Nothing wrong with some actual sparkle some days too.

Do something fun after school (or work) .. it doesn’t need to be every day of the week, even if only once a week or fortnight. Pending homework for older kids (I have no interest in enforcing homework on my 6 year old, maybe in the later years of primary) it can really give everyone a break from the routine and create some quality time. Maybe a milk shake date, a visit to the Library or Art Gallery, or a catch up with friends for sushi?

Find some enlightening blogs. If you need a little reminder of the bigger picture, or another perspective on parenting during the day, there is no better place than the blogosphere! I love to regularly visit Finding Joy, Susannah Conway and Hipster Mum.

Download a soulful app. Danielle Laporte has a really great app version of her #truthbomb awesomeness! I use the shuffle function if I need a little sign from the universe to keep going or if I’m in need of some divine direction in my day.

Create a dreamy Pinterest board. Every now and then you need to dream of peaceful places, or holiday destinations, or the plans you have for your home! I also have a Board that I visit for a little pick me up some afternoons here.

Stop Complaining! This one is short and sweet, there is not much on the positive side of complaining, the reality is that the more you give airtime to something, the more of that you will create for yourself. I wrote on the topic of talking about your joys more here.

Some days you just need a reminder not to give up. Click here for 15 Reminders!

Rearrange a room in your house .. or as many rooms as you can! I always find this gives me such a fresh sense of inspiration, and I often paint my furniture white too as my friends and regular readers would know.

Organise and reflect on your photos. I have almost 50,000 photos on my Mac, yikes! These are the photos I have taken and kept (I delete a lot too!) since I bought my current Macbook Pro about 3 years ago. I get so inspired by keeping my photos organised and taking the time to flick through albums, and every few months I print out some pics from Instagram. There are some amazing apps and tools around for this including Social Print Studio, Origrami and Sticky 9. Try something fun like fridge magnets or stickers!

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Excellent tips as always. I love doing something after work, it makes it extra exciting to be having fun on a “school night.” I love looking at photos too, either on the computer, or even in a good old fashioned album, taking a trip down Memory Lane always makes my heart happy!

    • admin

      Thank you gorgeous one xx
      Glad you loved these tips, and I agree that the occasional after work ‘something’ really adds a little something to how the week feels xx

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