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How to find some peace during tragic times.


It is so easy to give in to the sorrow, allow yourself to lose hope. The details and the lack of answers when a large scale tragedy hits close to home create such a sense of darkness. The barrage of images, speculation and constant media coverage tempt us with a sense of twisted curiosity.

It all became too much for me, as a person who deeply feels and thinks I had to switch off for a couple of days. It was not about technology, needing a detox or a break from social media, let me be clear about that. I still believe in the power of social media for good, and I still love technology, that is never going to change. I am never going to agree with the ‘trend’ to switch off, or with those who blame technology for anything and everything.

Following the Sydney siege this week, I felt for the first time ever that I had lost my faith in humanity. I knew that it would be fleeting. I knew that I needed to distance myself from our disgraceful media in Australia, and I knew that I needed to take a deep breath and then return here and make some changes.

So I made those changes this evening, starting with removing over 600 people, organisations and others from my Facebook newsfeed. The significance of this will most likely only be understood by my fellow hard core bloggers and lovers of social media. I don’t read newspapers anymore, on or offline. I use my Facebook newsfeed to filter the news that I choose into my life. I realised this week that the filter needed some tweaking, I had been letting too much in that really needed to be shut out.

We control the media and the news that we let into our lives and our hearts. I banned watching the news in our home over 5 years ago and have never looked back. It is a soul destroying activity that I wish more people would switch off, maybe after this week this might be the case. Our media have shown their true colours this week, with zero regard for humanity and absolute greed for ratings.

So this week I found some peace by shutting out the noise of those who I find toxic, and by soaking in the warm glow of my precious 5 year old. He has always been my light and my saviour. I have also turned to creating some peace filled photos and messages for Instagram, and planning the menu for our small family Christmas celebration.

If you are still struggling to find peace with the thoughts of terror coming so close to home here in Australia, please hold onto hope.

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  • Trish

    There is a fabulous book by ALain De Botton called ‘News’. You must read it, puts everything into perspective. xxx

    • admin

      Thank you for the book recommendation, will get onto it xx

  • Lisa HatherlyLisa

    You are an inspiration in the pursuit of Joy Lisa. How often do we subconsciously give our power over and assume we need to see it (and believe it) all. It is in our power to filter – to choose. I love your message – thanks for the reminder. X

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