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How to Make Time for Slower Living

slow down

It is so easy to get swept along in the rush of everyday life .. especially at this time of year as the festive season is approaching! Before you know it time is speeding by and you find yourself missing those simple moments of joy. It is sadly not possible to slow down time, it is possible to make more time for slower living though. I suspect you could do with a little more time for the people and the things that you truly cherish?

It has taken me quite a few years to perfect the art of making time for slower living, it is now pretty much embedded in my world and if you are able to practice some of these things regularly it can happen for you too!

Make a decision that your wellbeing is your top priority. It all begins with this. You know that the constant rushing, doing things in a blur and collapsing into bed each night is not sustainable, so why do you continue? If you truly want things to change then you need to take some steps (small at first) to turn things around.

Stop answering your phone. Seriously, this one works. Screen your calls, do not let the sound of your phone ringing become a cry of urgency. I see this ALL the time .. people answering calls from telemarketers, numbers they don’t know, wasting so much time and energy complaining about the telemarketers and the numbers they don’t know, insanity! Keep your phone on silent always, if you see it ringing make a quick assessment of the caller (if known) and decide if it is worth interrupting what you are currently doing. Most of the time it is simply not. If there is a crisis you will know about it.

Create a slow bedtime routine. At times I have longed for a small person who nods off quickly, then I realised how futile this was. So now I consider the bedtime routine one of the most precious times of the day, it won’t be long before my small person is not so small and the cuddles and intimacy of bedtime no longer appeal to him. Read books, meditate, talk quietly about the day, gratitude and your hopes for tomorrow.

Learn to say no. Always do it with grace and maturity, that is my best advice. If there is one tip that I can leave you with it is this, you can only make more time for the slower living you crave if you say no to ‘some of the things’. FOMO is BS. Create a life that is so abundant on the inside that you are not worried about what others are doing!

♡ Mind your language. Remove a few key words and phrases from your inner and outer chatter and you will notice a big difference. It is not the silly season, stop saying that. Focus on the simple aspects of the season, it is about love and family and gratitude, a time to slow down and reflect on what you are blessed with. Stop the glorification of BUSY! Please please please do not say you are BUSY when someone asks how you are. It is not an appropriate response .. try one of these alternatives: I am excited about the holidays, grateful for the chance to slow down, looking forward to days of eating and drinking, thankful to have a break from the routine.


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  • di @ studio10creative

    You know, I’m feeling quite relaxed at the moment. Yes, the year is getting away from me, and we’re heading into the silly season. But I’m making a conscious decision to just take it all in stride, and chill. It’s the best I’ve been feeling for ages! Thanks for the reminder. x

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Oh I love this and I really needed to read it today. Thank you xx

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