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How to Survive Mothers Day

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A Mothers Day ‘Survival Guide’ is somewhat different to the plethora of Gift Guides doing the rounds. The reality is that Mother’s Day is a contradiction for some .. it can be a reminder of loss in so many ways, while at the same time it can also be a heart centred celebration. Behind the commercial (and often tasteless) side of this ‘day’ lies a complexity of potential emotions and sometimes even darkness.

Think about these aspects of Mother’s Day for a moment: the woman who aches to be a Mother yet has no partner or has experienced miscarriage or baby loss, the single Mother who may be a widow or a victim of abuse, the Motherless Mothers, the Mothers of children living with illness, disability or addiction.

I know that this is confronting and far from the ‘rosy pink’ picture most of the world seems to paint of Mother’s Day, I am not going to apologise though.

It is important that we address the realities and provide some hope and support for those of us who experience Mother’s Day differently to most. As a single, Motherless Mother my story is one of complex emotions at this time. I celebrate, embrace and cherish my own role as a Mother. I have also lost two babies along the way so I know too well the sense of longing and grief at this time. I am unable to celebrate my own Mother or my precious Nana in person anymore, so the grief that lies silently waiting to surface always finds its way into my days at this time. It is often the case that most people simply don’t consider that there is so much more going on for so many people at times like Mothers Day.

If you or someone you know is feeling anxious or sad about Mothers Day, please know that you are not alone. I suspect that there are many people out there in this place. I have a friend whose 40 year old wife died suddenly late last year, this will be his first Mothers Day without her, with their two young sons .. yet another perspective so far from ‘Hallmark’. I can only imagine how much pain is currently weaving its way into their already grieving hearts as they are confronted with the advertising and reminders.

On a more positive note, remember that there is always something to be grateful for. Grief may be constant and finding some light is near impossible at times I know, being able to find the lessons and the positives is pretty much essential though if you want to survive Mothers Day (and life in general!). It has taken me a lot of practice, working out how best to take care of myself at times when I know I am going to be fragile. I hope that if you are struggling, you find some shared experience and some comfort here:

Find your tribe

It can sometimes feel as though you are alone in this place, when the rest of the world is booking fancy lunches, buying expensive gifts and getting swept up in the commercial frenzy! If you can find a ‘tribe’ of like minded souls who are living through similar circumstances as yourself this will be such a beautiful thing for you. I know that there are many support groups, Facebook groups and also online forums for many of the circumstances that relate to feeling overwhelmed.

♡ Talk about it

It really does help to talk, and sometimes an objective mental health professional is your ticket to healing! I have been speaking to professionals for many years as a part of my ongoing management of anxiety and depression and I cannot recommend this highly enough.

♡ Practice lots of self care

It is essential that you put yourself first sometimes, it is not selfish or self indulgent. It really is the best way to take care of yourself and in turn take of your family and contribute most purposefully to the world!

♡ Treat yourself

For many years I longed for someone to buy me flowers, organise a Mothers Day lunch, buy me a card or do something special just for me. The longing turned into frustration and anger and sadness, not good! I honestly believe that we need to treat ourselves, provide the things that we most long for ourselves, this is the ultimate act of self care and self respect. Of course it is lovely when these things also come from others however it is so much more fulfilling and empowering to make our own happiness. Remember that nothing outside of ourselves can truly provide this.

♡ Create a memory box or album

If you are missing someone this Mothers Day, create something special as a way of turning your grief and loss around. If you are ready for this type of activity it can be very healing and it honours the memories and feelings of your missing loved one. I am planning to do this with my 5 year old son to remember and cherish my Mum and Nana this Mothers Day.

♡ Journal your heart out

I have recently returned to the practice of free writing, or journalling. It is such a beautiful way to safely express yourself and spend some time sitting in the ‘sacred alone’ as Susannah Conway so perfectly names it.

♡ Do something fun

It is important to remember to laugh, spend some time with the people in your life who know how to have fun and who can distract you from your quiet pain. It is perfectly OK to laugh while you are also grieving, guilt can creep in and attempt to derail your fun .. laughter truly is the most amazing medicine!

♡ Ignore the hype

It may be that you need to avoid commercial TV for a while, you know how I feel about that anyway! It is well worth taking a break from this toxic place regularly and whilst the world is peddling out the barrage of rosy pink perfectness there is no better time for a TV-tox! Remember that behind every Hallmark moment there is a story you know nothing about. Perfection is a myth.

♡ Make a grateful list

It can be helpful to make a list of the things you have learned through your loss, the things that you are grateful for knowing even though you would prefer not to have learned this particularly painful way. It may be something simple like being more compassionate, or being able to support others through volunteer work.

♡ Feel all of the emotions

It is not a good idea, although tempting, to push aside the feelings and emotions and pretend that you are OK. Asking for help is a sign of self respect, and in turn it allows others into your story and your pain. Feel your way through it, take your time, and sit with your emotions, just don’t spend too much time there!

This right here, is a safe space in every sense of the word. I live for turning my own pain into the light that guides others out of their darkness. If you want to share anything at all please know that it is welcomed and respected xx

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  • my2morrows

    Beautiful post Lisa. I have many friends who find Mother’s day tough for many different reasons, will be sharing this post with them. Thanks lovely.
    And I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday. I hope you and your little man enjoy your special day together. xx

  • Nicole Sadler

    Well said Lisa! I work really hard to enjoy Mother’s Day for my son and I hug him extra tight each Mother’s Day but yes, sadly it is not an “all roses” day for me either and for quite a lot of women. I bought myself a card a while ago that says “Motherhood is about the love that you carry in your heart, not just what one can hold in her arms” . This sums up the day perfectly for me.

    • admin

      Thank you Nicole, I was thinking of you while planning and writing this post, and so many others with so many different perspectives xx

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    This is a great post, Lisa. I love the idea of a memory box. I miss my nana every day but I’m grateful that we made so many memories together. I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday. You’re an awesome mum xx

    • admin

      Thank you lovely, for always knowing what to say/write 🙂 xx

  • lolshelley

    Another wonderful post Lisa. My beautiful mum passed away 18 years ago. Mothers Day is always hard but the way I look at it, I was truly blessed to have had such an amazing mum for 28 years; not everyone is so fortunate. My day will be spent with my precious girls and my husband’s mum so we will have a lovely day. I hope you have a wonderful day too.x

    • admin

      Thank you, and it seems that we both lost our Mums when we were the same age, I love the perspective that we had 28 precious years with them xx

      • lolshelley

        I should have put the x first so instead of sending you this xo, I sent you the word ox!! I’ll just stick to my normal. xx

  • erinmadethis

    Such a helpful post Lisa. Thinking of you this Mother’s Day. And everyone who finds it difficult xx

  • Mixing Food and Life

    Thanks Lisa x
    Mothers Day is a bittersweet day for me. In may ways.
    I am a mother of two beautiful children and I Love my day with them.
    My mum died 15 years ago this August however and I feel her loss , not just at mothers day but I do miss her on this day …. especially with all the advertising.
    There are many people that go through a range of emotions on Mothers day and many other days ( birthdays , fathers days , christmas lots of special days ) that people who have not experienced losses don’t understand.
    I will celebrate my being a mum on Sunday and as always send a kiss up to the skies and have a little cry.
    I usually like to buy a new plant with pretty flowers on Mothers day and plant it for my Mum to see

    • admin

      Thank you for sharing, it was 15 years this year since I lost my Mum too.
      It can sometimes seem like only yesterday, and the at other times it is a lifetime ago xx

      • Mixing Food and Life

        I was only a few years older than you when she died and I agree sometimes it seems like yesterday but it was so long ago and I do miss her
        Big Hugs x

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