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How to Use Technology for Kindness

Technology and Kindness


I find that if you look at technology with positivity and gratitude, you will experience a lot less fear and stress. The more love that you give something, the more love that you will receive in return. Technology is freakin’ amazing! Social media has changed our lives, and I think at times we can become overwhelmed with the negatives and forget to appreciate the positives.

As parents, carers, teachers and adults, we need to be particularly careful here. Children and teens will take our lead on the way that we view and use technology, they are digital natives and technology is something that they have known pretty much since birth. I believe that it is important to put yourself in their shoes and look at it this way. It is not going anywhere, they have not known any portion of their lives without technology as you may have.

If you can learn to embrace technology, avoid sticking your head in the sand and lead by example in a way that is innately good, educated and based on kindness then you can turn things around from the darkness and complaining (that I am a little sick of to be honest). It does not mean that you turn a blind eye to the dangers, it means that you create a balance and focus less on the fear and more on the light.

“Technology – which is essentially a neutral tool – can be used to heal us, or harm us.” (Nick Seneca Jankel)

These are some of the things that I am doing as a blogger, a human and a parent to use technology and social media for kindness and to lead by example:

Utilise apps and games that promote kindness, always keep a very close eye on the apps and games that your children are using. I research everything that I install onto my 5 year old’s iPad using this amazing site Common Sense Media. If you put ‘kindness’ into the search bar you can have a look through the various types of media by age on this theme.

Use technology for acts of kindness, such as leaving thank you notes or compliments on Facebook, sending little love notes to friends and relatives by email, or sharing family photos and videos. This is a great way to ensure that your children are using technology for kindness as well as everything else!

Charity donations and deciding on which charities to support as a family is best done online. It can make the process really fun and interactive for everyone, most charities now have amazing videos available to highlight their work and the impact of donating and getting involved.

Create positive and meaningful media rather than trash! I encourage you to create positive, kind and uplifting media with your children as soon as they are using an iPad. I am constantly appalled at the things that young people consider worthy of sharing on social media. If you can lead by example here and think about every little word, every little picture and every message that you are putting out into the world via technology and social media. Make sure it is positive, kind, honest and graceful.

Teach technology manners nice and early, ensure that your children are using the same common courtesies and manners online that you have taught them to use offline. Social media really is a reflection of our lives, and if you want your children to be reflecting kindness and goodness then you need to nurture that in them from the beginning.

How are you using technology and social media for kindness?

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    I really love your posts on Social Media, Technology and kindness. After reading I always get so much out it, and a point or two to action on. So thank you again for a great post! I love the point about teaching kids kindness on social media from a early start.

    • admin

      Thanks lovely Fleur xx
      It is so nice to hear that you enjoy these ones, I tend to harp on about this topic although I am so passionate about it and believe it is really important especially as parents!

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    technology sometimes gets a bad rap but I find when I embrace it there’s soooo much good and tonnes of fun to be had. Great post Lisa x

    • admin

      Thank you Jen, it does get a bad name and I hope that we can turn that around with the way that we embrace it xx

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I love sprinkling some happy on Facebook, sending messages to friends and family near and far and sometimes I send (all singing and all dancing) ecards just because or for birthdays. They brighten up ye olde inbox and they’re much more environmentally friendly than paper cards! Winning!

    • admin

      You are the best at sprinkling happy Sammie xx

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