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Inspired by .. Amber Magna from Feel Good Food Packs



I am in awe of people like Amber who do more than just comment on or talk about the things that matter. They actually make it their very real and tangible mission to BE THE CHANGE and do something about those things. The thing that matters to Amber is homelessness, and Feel Good Food Packs is a wonderful project providing packs of nutritious food to people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.


Inspired by… Amber Magna

Extra-ordinary humans | Living their lives with JOY | Changing the world around them |

Where in the world do you call home?

Home for me is a beautiful British island called Guernsey, but Melbourne is my second home that I love equally! I moved here about eight years ago and can’t imagine leaving. I do miss Guernsey, but it’s not a bad place at all to holiday!

Describe your home and neighbourhood:

I live in a big white Queenslander, which is really unusual in my neighbourhood, but I love it! It attracts lots of comments. My favourite thing about it is the old wooden floors. My house is in a quiet street near the beach (although I never actually go to the beach shocking I know!) close to the main shopping strip, where I work. I live in a great little community.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words:

I would probably answer this differently on any given day, but today I’m going with ambitious, committed and a little chaotic.

What is the purpose at the heart of Feel Good Food Packs? What do you want to achieve?

First and foremost, we want to help people to feel good. Whether that’s through the food we give them or just a passing conversation. Our official mission is to provide nutritious food to people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, but we also want to help educate the public about the issues surrounding homelessness and how we can all help in our own way even if that simply means smiling at someone on the street instead of ignoring them. It all makes a difference. We all have the power to make someone else feel good.

What inspired you to do something about homelessness?

I’ve always felt drawn to work in this area. Growing up in Guernsey, with it being such a small island, I wasn’t exposed to homelessness at all. It does exist there, but it isn’t really in the public eye. Whenever I would visit different countries and especially when I moved here, it was shocking to witness and it felt completely wrong to me that people were living in that situation. I always wanted to help, but I wasn’t sure where to start.

When I started my business, I wanted to incorporate an element of giving to the people doing it tough in our city. I am passionate about helping people to improve their health with food and after some research it emerged that this would be useful within the homeless community. Nutritious food packs were the logical next step and they’ve been received really well.

If you could choose any celebrity to become the Ambassador for Feel Good Food Packs who would you choose and why?

Jamie Oliver, because he is incredibly passionate about food, inspiring but down to earth and has the most common sense approach of anyone I know. He truly makes healthy eating accessible to a huge number of people, and my mission in life is to do the same in my own way.

What do you think is the most important thing for us to teach the children of our generation?

Oh wow, so many things spring to mind! First and foremost, though, I think it’s important to teach kids to love and accept themselves fully. It might sound a bit woowoo, but so many people confuse selflove with arrogance, and I think that needs to change.

Even if you’re someone who wants to help others especially if you’re someone who wants to help others love yourself first, because you can give so much more if you’re happy and confident in yourself.

I also think the most effective way to teach this is to live it. Lead by example and show children that it’s okay to put yourself first (in fact it’s essential).

If you could choose any super power what would it be and why?

I would pause time! I have so much I want to achieve.

What has been your greatest lesson in life so far?

It’s okay to think you’re amazing.

What is your best advice for anyone who has a dream to be extraordinary and put more goodness into the world?

Just do it! Don’t wait for permission, because you won’t get it. You have to believe that you have something incredible to offer the world and back yourself more than anyone else ever could.

Amber’s Favourites:

Quote: This one is more of a prompt, but it changed a lot for me, although I do need to remind myself of it occasionally! “How would you behave if you were the best in the world at what you do?” (Marie Forleo)

Holiday destination: Guernsey, of course!

Colour: Does black count? If not, yellow!

Word: I have to say, joy is up there with my favourites.

Memory: I couldn’t possibly choose one!

Magazine: Collective Hub

Blog: Can I say my own?! Simply Eat

Smell: Twenty8 Destress and Revive essential oil blend. It smells like outdoors.

Food: Rose turkish delight.

Please follow along with Amber and Feel Good Food Packs as they reach out into the lives of so many deserving humans living amongst us yet often forgotten. There are lots of ways to get involved including a fundraising cook book which is a great way to contribute!





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