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Inspired By: Amy Shipp and the Mum Life Project

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Amy Shipp is a beautiful and humble soul .. whilst leading a busy little life of her own as a working Mamma she is also coordinating an amazing movement called the Mum Life Project. Amy recognises that the Mum life is tough, and often overwhelming at times. Amy’s values of sharing, inspiring, encouraging and supporting other Mums are a perfect reflection of my own, I knew that I had to share (shout!) all about the #mumlifeproject.

Amy replied straight away to my invitation to join the Inspired By series, and I am so excited to be able to share her interview and encourage you to learn more about Amy and embrace her idea to change the life of Mammas everywhere!

Inspired By: Amy Shipp




Where in the world do you call home?

Sydney, Australia.

Describe your home and neighbourhood:

We live in an area of Sydney known as the Inner West. It’s about 5km from the Sydney CBD and the Harbour is quite literally at the end of my street. I am an Inner Westie born and bred! I love that it offers such a diverse range of culture, people and food. It’s a very socially conscious area and its full of life .. cafes, bars and regular street fairs.

Our home is a little semi detached house in a lovely tree lined street. It is actually my Grandma’s childhood home and it’s teeny tiny! We have done a few cosmetic things, but it is still pretty much in original condition .. we even have an outhouse! Yep that’s right, we don’t even have a toilet inside!

We are quite literally bursting at the seams and we are about to start the process of planning a renovation.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Loyal. Honest. Fun-loving.

What is the purpose of the Mum Life Project?

#mumlife is tough! In fact, sometimes it feels so overwhelming and almost impossible! I have often wondered how in the world I will get through the next five minutes, let alone the end of the day! I know, more than anyone, that a small gesture of love can literally give you the strength to pick yourself up off the floor and do it all again tomorrow. To receive something in the mail, after a hellish day or week, can bring back your spark.

The concept of the #mumlifeproject is simple. It is a hub for Mums to share, encourage, support and inspire on Instagram. It’s real and raw and a place of love. It’s a great opportunity to engage on the hashtag and meet some wonderful and inspiring women who will not only support each other through the tough times, but share in the joys and triumphs of Motherhood as well.

Once a month, one deserving Mamma will be selected from the hashtag (either from sharing their own story or being nominated by someone else) and we will send some much needed love her way. I will be donating $50 of my own money to produce a monthly care pack that will also include donations and items from some of our amazing and generous partners.

This is completely not for profit and every bit of money received goes into producing and sending packs for #mumlifeproject.

How do we get involved?

The #mumlifeproject is all about sharing .. sharing the love, sharing stories and sharing the idea. The more people who know about the project, the more Mammas I can help and the more packs we can send.

However, the gifts are only one aspect of the initiative. The hashtag is where the magic happens. It is where Mammas can connect and support each other. It is where you can post about a rough day or a great day and there is a community of women, reading your story and genuinely wanting to be a part of your highs and lows. They are there to offer support and a much needed pick me up. So please, continue to share your stories on the #mumlifeproject hashtag and continue to nominate worth Mammas to receive the monthly pack.

If you could choose any celebrity to become Ambassador for the Mum Life Project who would you choose and why?

Beyonce, because ummm Beyonce! She is not only an inspiring woman and working Mamma, she also knows full well that girls RUN THE WORLD! Obviously Beyonce is a super star and musical genius, but I am sure she would consider herself a Mother first and foremost just like the rest of us. I don’t know the details of Beyonce’s life, but I can assume she has plenty of support helping to raise her daughter and so do a lot of working Mammas.

Beyonce certainly lives a blessed life, but having a crap #mumlife day happens to everyone, even Queen Bee! It doesn’t discriminate! This is what the Mum Life Project is all about, there are lots of everyday Mothers out there who just need a little pick, a reminded that they are doing a great job. It is not all about the gift, it is about the gesture that makes a difference to someone’s spirit.

Motherhood is the toughest gig, the toughest thing I have ever done. If you’re reading this Beyonce, have your people call my people and we can work something out! If you don’t have time to be an Ambassador, a little $10,000 donation would be amazing and would allow me to send packs to 400 deserving Mammas! (now that would be pretty epic!)

What do you think is the most important thing for us to teach the children of our generation?

I want to raise Emily to have compassion and a strong sense of social justice. I hope that her heart and home will always be open to those less fortunate. I don’t want to live in a world where people forget to give back and forget that being kindhearted and selfless is what makes the world beautiful. I think its important to lead by example and to be the chance you want to see.

How do you take care of yourself amongst the busy demands of daily life?

In my first year of being a Mother, I hardly took any time for myself and it took its toll on me physically and mentally. I have now made some changes, and I’ve realised that if I am happy then my family will be too. Self love is so important. I am licks that I have a supportive husband and family that help share the load so I can take a night off every now and then to do the things that bring me joy.

Hobbies and downtime activities that I enjoy include playing hockey, doing the occasional gym class, catch ups with friends, getting a pedicure, a wine or two and I don’t mind a bit of cheesy reality TV!

What has been your greatest lesson in life so far?

No one has ever become poor by giving. Give as much as you can, it doesn’t have to be financially. Random acts of kindness change people’s lives, it could literally be as simple as donating blood. Do what you can in life to make others happy and you will be blessed beyond measure.

What is your best advice for anyone else who has a dream to be extra-ordinary?

Everyone has an opinion, but you know what, no one’s matters except your own. There will always be critics, people who don’t want you to succeed. Please know that their criticism isn’t about you, its about them and their own fears. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with encouragers, take a chance .. remember that you were put on this earth to do amazing things!


Sweet treat: Fairy Floss.

Holiday destination: India

Colour: Yellow

Word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Memory: The day I found out I was pregnant, 2 weeks before we were due to start our first round of IVF! That was pretty f**king RAD!

Magazine: Real Living

Blog: Beautiful Life Industries

Online store: My Messy Room

Smell: I love the smell of a baked dinner, a lamb roasting, potatoes, mint sauce .. that small just reminds me of family and home.

Please pop over to #mumlifeproject and get involved!


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