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Inspired by Gwyneth.



Yes you read that correctly, I am and always have been inspired by Gwyneth. It was this photo that I stumbled across this evening that inspired my thinking about Motherhood, and comparison and judgement. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all simply admired the parenting, the style or the positives in other Mothers?

Instead we cast our eyes with judgement, I can only imagine what a lot of Mothers first think when they come across a photo like this. Of course Gwyneth lives in another world, but she is still a Mother, she is still a human being. In my eyes, she is a pretty amazing Mother and person. Gwyneth has shared a lot of her own story, losing her Father to whom she was deeply connected, and creating some simply beautiful and meaningful cook books filled with the notes and stories from her own kitchen.

It may be Gwyneth, it may be a Mum at school or daycare, why do we need to see with eyes that pick the faults and desperately cling to anything that can be twisted into a comparison or a negative?

It would be so much easier (and lovelier) for us all, if we simply saw the good. If we smiled at each other a little more, and glared a little less. The harsh eyes of another Mother can cause the deepest pain, especially if you are already looking at yourself with those same harsh eyes in the mirror everyday.

Imagine a world where we celebrated each other’s choices as parents, where we hugged each other instead of looking down on each other. You and I can make a difference, by taking a breath before you speak, look at glaringly or judge another Mother. My beautiful boy starts big school very soon, and I intend to take a lot of kindness along with me. We do not have a lot of friends in our area and I know that big school is where a lot of new friends are made so I am looking forward to the chance to practice what I preach and find myself some suburban Gwyneths to look at with nothing but acceptance and smiles!

{Pic of Gwyneth from The Joye.}

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    As always a beautiful post. I love the idea of looking for good and being good to each other. I hope the start of school is smooth and that you and your boy find support, smiles and friendship.

  • Fleur - Our Urban Box

    Lovely post Lisa. We could all do with extra kindness and less judgement. Other women can be so judgemental sometimes and its not necessary. I hope you make some beautiful friends this year. We are starting school this year too, and one of the most exciting things for me is also the chance to make new friends.

    • admin

      Thank you Fleur, so lovely to hear from you.
      I hope that your start to school is a happy one too, with lots of lovely new friendships xx

  • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld

    Well said Lisa. What a wonderful world it would be. I for one live in hope. All the best for the start of the school year and finding some kindred spirits. Jx

    • admin

      Thank you Jess xx
      Kindred spirits come at me, this is exactly what I am ready for!!

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