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The Inspired By Interview Series is one of my favourite things about my blogging. The world is full of extraordinary humans, people (usually humbly) changing the world around them. It is such a beautiful thing to bring them to you, to have them open up their hearts so generously through theΒ interview questions. I have some truly beautiful interviews coming up and I thought that a nice part of the series would be for me to turn the questions on myself! I thought it might be fun!

Where in the world do you call home?

I live in a ‘village’ style suburb in the south of Sydney, it is roughly 20 minutes from the airport and right on the Georges River. I have been here with my little man for almost 5 years now after 20 years in Bondi.

Describe your home and your neighbourhood:

Our apartment is small yet filled with natural light, lots of colour and personal belongings that reflect us perfectly. It is not sleek or modern and nobody would break in because there is nothing of monetary value (except my laptop!) and that is how we love it. The value is in the heart, warmth and soul of our space. Our suburb is leafy, small and quiet.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Authentic, passionate and organised.

What is the purpose at the heart of your blog?

My blog is a guide to living a life less ordinary .. it is a sacred space where I share as much as I can, in the sincere and deeply authentic hope that my life lessons will shine a light for others. The things that I have learned are immense and intense, and I know that it is my purpose to serve the world in this way.

What do you ultimately hope to achieve .. for others and for yourself?

It is my hope that I am supporting others when they need it most, shining a light on topics that need more light such as mental illness. I really just want to reach as many people as possible with hope, light and love so that there is less loneliness, less stigma and less suicide! For myself this is quite simply my purpose in life!

If you could choose any celebrity to become the Ambassador for your work who would it be and why?

In a heart beat I would choose Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana. Tragically both these extraordinary women were taken from the world a little too early, their legacies are enduring and truly inspiring. Audrey and Diana both lived honest, generous and spirited lives despite their very public profiles. I am constantly referring to them both in my daily life.

What do you think is the most important thing to teach the children of our generation?

Absolutely essential is kindness, compassion and mindfulness. Our children are the custodians of the future, we are shaping the world as their role models and this is serious business! Something dramatic needs to shift in our broken world, and raising future leaders who see the world through kind, philanthropic and heart centred eyes is our responsibility!

Which food and drink do you consider essential to your physical and mental wellbeing?

Daily: sparkling mineral water, green tea, good quality coffee, lots of dark green veges such as kale and baby spinach, grass fed meats, eggs, avocado and simple clean foods.

Occasionally: champagne, cake.

How do you take care of yourself amongst the busy demands of daily life?

I actually removed the word ‘busy’ from my world a while ago, it is not attractive to me at all to live a busy life. As soon as I made this decision life really did slow down for me, and although the demands of my life are just as hectic at times as most working Mammas, I rarely feel overwhelmed in a negative way. I make the time to write, read, sit in the sunshine, listen to amazing things on the interwebs, prepare beautiful food, take photos, play and explore with my little man. All of these things I consider essential for taking care of myself and making me a better Mamma and human all round!

Is there a charity or cause you are currently aligned with or passionate about?

Charity is at the heart of everything I do, I wish I had endless hours in the day and dollars in the bank to give to all of the causes I care about! My main focus at the moment is volunteering with the Gidget Foundation, a small charity in Sydney supporting families living with perinatal anxiety and depression. Such an important cause and to be a part of this charity that was founded after the beautiful young Gidget took her own life after having her first baby is such a privilege.

What has been your greatest lesson in life so far?

Tough question to answer, I have so many! Be authentic, speak up, don’t settle for friendships or relationships that are not uplifting, there is a lesson and an opportunity for growth in everything you experience in this life.

What is your best advice for anyone else who has a dream to be a little extraordinary?

Do everything from the heart, connect with people who truly lift you up and who never belittle your dreams or your flaws, believe in yourself and know that the world is always in need of a little more magic and extra-ordinary!


Sweet treat: Pavlova.

Holiday destination: Bali.

Colour: Pink.

Word: Joy!

Memory: Holidays in Blue Bay with my family as a child.

Magazine: Collective

Blog: Tiny Buddha

Online store: Hunters and Gatherers

Smell: The air when you leave the airport on arrival in Bali + my little man’s neck.

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    What a gorgeous interview – you are such a beautiful soul. I’m so pleased you turned the questions on yourself because I’m inspired by you! x

    • admin

      Sammie you need to do this with your questions too, turn them on amazing you!! xx

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