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January .. the month that was slow and filled with reflections.



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January 2015 was a series of slow days linked together with a lot of time for reflection on the year that stole my spirit. I had taken a break from work to create some space, to slow down, and finally I was able to do that. At times it was simply about breathing, and making it through the day. In my past life I would consider this a wasted day. Do you ever feel a sense of guilt if you have not created and ticked off a super human to-do list every day? If so, it is time to let that go.

It is perfectly OK to simply flow into your day, if time permits. Breathe in the moments and release the need to always be doing, something. It has taken me most of my lifetime to perfect the art of flowing into my days sometimes. Of course there is the daily routine, work, school, meals, groceries and other commitments that simply cannot be ignored. It may only be one day a month that you throw away the lists and the expectations, and that one day will make a difference.

Whilst looking back at January 2015 I noticed that even my photos were less hurried, I had more time to contemplate and also more time to be creative. Just taking the time to reflect on the photos for a little while gave me a sense of calm again, whilst at the same time I am surrounded by the lovely chaos of starting big school and returning to work!

Do you ever really slow down?

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