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The world needs more kindness. Our schools, neighbourhoods, workplaces, nations and each of our own hearts and homes can always do with some more kindness. I know I say this a lot! It is my hope that one day I won’t need to say it anymore, there will be kindness in abundance. Until then we each have a role to play in working towards that dream. Alexandria from the lovely FTD by Design blog recently contacted me to offer the art of joy community their kindness quotes so of course I gratefully accepted!




Alexandria also shared the following and has gathered some of the best kindness quotes so that we can all put some more goodness out into the world this December:

Humans are naturally social creatures, and our ability to show empathy towards others affects our emotional and physical well-being. Dr. Michele Borba states: “”Empathy is a key ingredient of resilience, the foundation to trust, the benchmark of humanity and core to everything that makes a society civilised.”

So it’s no surprise to find that when we show kindness to someone else, it makes us feel more optimistic and positive. It makes us feel good about ourselves and our place in the world. Since it improves personal relationships, it can elevate oxytocin levels and therefore reduce anxiety.

Selfless Quotes

♡ Invite a fellow co-worker or another student, who you notice often eats alone, to sit with you at lunch.
♡ Offer up your seat on the bus.
♡ Return a misplaced or lost item.
♡ Help someone who needs a hand with their groceries or getting across the street.
♡ Sometimes kindness can be as simple as giving someone a genuine smile.
Motivational Quotes

♡ Listen to someone attentively, and without interrupting. You never know what you might learn.
♡ Teachers have a great opportunity to encourage kindness in children. Studies have shown that children are attentive to acts of kindness naturally shared by teachers.
♡ Even small donations given to a charity can help bring about national and global change.
♡ Practicing daily acts of kindness towards others gets us in the habit of being kind.
♡ We can feel the temptation to react to hurt by being less kind, when kindness can help us feel more confident in who we are as a person.
Showing Support Quotes

♡ Start at home by being more kind to your spouse, children or neighbours.
♡ Acknowledge and respect their feelings, even if you disagree.
♡ Volunteer your time to a worthy cause.
♡ Make a meal for someone else.
♡ Leave kindness cards in library books.

Thank you Quotes

♡ Write a thank you note.
♡ Shine the light on others by acknowledging their contribution to a team effort.
♡ Let someone know they are appreciated on their birthday or when they are feeling under the weather.
♡ Remember your manners and show common courtesy.
♡Tell someone how much they mean to you.
Inspirational Quotes

♡ Be patient and take a moment to compose yourself before losing your temper.
♡ Choose a book a friend might like, and lend it to them.
♡ Share herbs from your garden.
♡ Take flowers to a person living in an elderly home.
♡ Share your knowledge with someone who may benefit from your experience.

Positive Quotes

♡ Pay a sincere compliment.
♡ Surprise someone with an unexpected visit or a phone call.
♡ Bring a new neighbour a welcome basket.
♡ Being kind to others can help us to be more kind to ourselves.
♡ Remember that kindness should be part of who we are, and not something to abandon when we’re online and can’t see others face to face.

You can see all of the beautiful kindness quote designs here.



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