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Mend Broken Hearts this Valentine’s Day


Instead of getting caught up in the icky, commercialised parts of Valentine’s Day .. let’s mend some broken hearts together this February! I have been working with HeartKids Australia since November, can you believe that I get to call myself a Social Media Manager .. for a charity? Hello dream job! My love for social media is no secret, being able to change lives through the power of Facebook is ridiculously life changing for everyone involved .. and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to change some lives!

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All of these precious little people were born with childhood heart disease, in Australia 8 precious heart kids are born every day. Sadly, every week 4 will die. It is one of those things that is not talked about enough (in my eyes), and part of the reason why I crossed my fingers (and EVERYTHING) that I would be seriously considered when I applied to work for HeartKids Australia!

How adorable is little Charlie in the top right? He was only 8 weeks old in this photo, and all of those little heart beads show a different heart procedure, take a moment to soak that in. This precious little man has been through a lot, and I have been lucky enough to follow along his heart journey thanks to his amazing family who share regular updates on Facebook. Social media .. changing lives again!

Valentine’s Day is one of “those” days .. it seems to have been taken over by the crazy pressure to declare the love you should be declaring each and everyday for your special people. Spending lots of money on ‘stuff’ that is pumped out purely for profit will not put more love into your world. Doing something charitable, putting more of the good type of love out into the world on this day, that is what it should be about.

HeartKids like to call Feb 14 Sweetheart Day, the day we get to mend broken hearts. Instead of buying more stuff you don’t need, or giving in to the pressure to do something that isn’t really going to enrich your life, simply choose to do something good. I love everything this charity stands for, and that has nothing to do with my job, it comes from the heart.

I hope you will take a few minutes to read about Sweetheart Day here.

Below are some of the simple ways you can help me to mend some broken hearts this Valentine’s Day:

Buy a sweetheart day card here.

Make a donation here.

Register to fundraise here.

Buy a gift for yourself or your sweetheart here.

With Joy,

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  • my2morrows

    So great to hear re the job lovely. I know you’ll be amazing at raising awareness of this awesome organisation! We celebrate sweethearts day at Master 4’s pre-school, it’s such a good one for the kids to get behind and learn about. xx

    • admin

      Thank you for your support and love always Shan xx

  • Karen

    I love this! Congrats on your dream job Lisa. You’re perfect for the role!

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Congratulations on your dream job – how lucky are HeartKids to have you on their team? I love love and I love everything about Sweetheart Day! What an excellent idea!

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