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My Brain Dump Inspired by Fat Mum Slim

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OH my word I was excited to see this post that Chantelle shared on Monday! It seemed like such a perfect way to remove some of the (very) random thoughts that I find myself giggling along with on a daily basis..and yes if you were wondering it does look a little cray cray to see me giggling at my own thoughts! I am sure I am not alone in this daily struggle to make sense of the ideas, thoughts and general chatter that fills my head. We have never been more connected to so many outside sources of stimulation and if you are anything like me there are never enough hours in the day to sort through the thoughts and then decide which ones are actually worth pursuing!

The freedom of “free writing” or “stream of consciousness” is not a new concept, I remember filling journal after journal in my teens to deal with the thoughts, ideas and I use a different medium but the process is pretty much the same. Of course there is a degree of filtering that needs to happen with an online journal as opposed to  those that I locked away tightly in my teens. We need to take into account the feelings of others, some simple humane practices of discretion, respect and dignity! Sadly not everyone shares this approach though, and we have the very modern version of a bully lurking behind screens..but that is another topic in itself!

On this occasion I will limit my own brain dump to 10 things that I hope will somehow find their way out of my head with the best of intentions, much dignity and the greatest authenticity:

♡ As my precious little man’s 5th birthday approaches I am slowly learning to let go of the constant pressure to produce a party of epic proportions! As an Event Manager I am the one applying the pressure, as a Mamma who appreciates a perfectly styled party I know that I am perfectly capable of pulling this off without any stress. On the other hand I am a bit of a free spirit at heart, my home is less styled perfection and more “eclectic love and light”..I think back to my own childhood and the sweet joy of fairy bread, bags of lollies and a less than perfect home made cake. In fact I realised that the best thing to do was ask the nearly 5 year old what he actually wants, which I did..and it did not involve anything styled! (funny that!)

♡ I wish I could convince more people that it is possible to carve out the life you dream of, rather than simply accept the one that you are enduring. The amount of people who are not truly engaged or even remotely interested in the work they are doing just blows my mind! I actually heard a story recently of a workplace that experienced a power blackout early one morning, so all of the workers were sent home for the day. The sad part of the story was that they all considered this worth celebrating, the fact that they were being paid for a day of work that they had escaped..this to me is the real definition of sadness.

♡ My constant critical thoughts about my body are destructive, and they are certainly not a reflection of my values. Isn’t it funny that we can encourage and inspire others with ease yet when it comes to ourselves we are our own worst enemies. It takes some serious self discipline to turn the conversation in our heads around to be more positive, it is totally worth the effort though, and I am committed to this practice! It is especially important that we lead by example in this area with our children, and the children around us.

♡ I wonder what it is that differentiates those of us who are not excited by exercise and fitness from those who are? God I wish I was one of the latter, it would make life a whole lot easier, rather than a constant struggle to convince myself of the benefits of exercise which I know all too well!

♡ If you have ever thought about outsourcing some of the things that cause you misery, just DO IT. Chantelle mentioned in her brain dump that she has recently taken on a cleaner at home and what a difference it makes. Think of it like much do you consider your time is worth, in an hourly rate? I am guessing it is a whole lot more than the hourly cost of a cleaner, a virtual assistant, a babysitter..and the value of freeing up your time to engage in something that does not actually cause you misery, well that is of course priceless! I have had a Mother’s Helper at home for many years, sometimes one day a week and sometimes 2 days a week. I cannot fully explain how this has changed my life. I never fold clothes, I never vacuum, I never mop floors or clean bathrooms, I never wash or change the sheets on the beds and I never iron. If I need to dial into a meeting, head out to a meeting, pop to the shops or respond to something urgently, I can do that without thinking twice. Enough said.

♡ I am currently craving a new type of girl tribe in my life..different to my regular type of girls who are of course wonderful, this is more about a tribe of fellow bloggers, dreamers, change makers who want to gather and create magic! It was actually Hippie Mumma and this pic she posted on Instagram that got me thinking about this! Just putting it out there..

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.34.45 AM

♡ Do you believe that people can change? I tend to always see the good in people, and try to encourage others to bring out the best bits of themselves. Then along comes someone who seems to just be inherently awful, and I have never been more challenged to see the good, any good. Is the universe sending me my greatest challenge in this person, the ultimate test of compassion? Me thinks so..

♡ It is seriously hard work to maintain a sense of  style and grooming amongst the other demands of life! I have always considered myself fairly well dressed and well maintained, until Motherhood of course! A free spirit at heart I do still love the buzz of fashion and personal style, although the reality is that I hurriedly fix my chipped nail polish whilst typing, and I have not actually purchased any clothes worthy of a selfie in months!

♡ I am not perfect, and perfection is not the goal! (repeat after me) I am not perfect, and perfection is not the goal! It takes time to let go of a natural tendency towards perfectionism, it infects everything you do and sets up the most unrealistic expectations! I have not been the worlds best friend at times, consumed by my own selfish pursuits, healing and trauma. I forgive myself and hope with the deepest sincerity that any of the hurt I have caused others in the past is healed for them too.

♡ In my is too precious, fragile and fleeting for: bad coffee, non Champagne Champagne (aka sparkling wine), judging others to make yourself feel better, not saying thank you with meaning, comparison, not stepping up for the ones we love, bad wine, cheap dirty hotels.

Feel free to brain dump in the comments xx


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  • Jackie

    Love this brain dump idea! Free writing is so therapeutic.

    Oh my gosh, I am REALLY feeling the girl tribe thing too. There’s something so magnetic about wanting to have a tribe of women around me who are like minded and gentle and non-judgmental. We need to organise something!

    I agree whole heartedly about the work thing. Hubby left work when Olivia was born which was a huge deal in itself as it was the only job he had had (9 years!). He started his own company, as this in itself was his dream in life, plus he was very unhappy at his old job so it was kind of like killing 2 birds with one stone. 2 years on now and he is unhappy still and with much more grey hair! It hasn’t worked out and we are closing doors ASAP. But he is happy he tried it… no regrets, no wondering “what if..”… It worries me how many people are so unhappy in their job which is where people spend the majority of their life, aside from sleeping! But then I wonder how many people actually enjoy and are passionate about banking or serving coffee? If everyone left to do their own thing they dream of, would the shops be empty? Self serve everything! lol!


    PS thanks for linking me in this post, I think you need to put .au on it as it took me to an error page :\ Or it was just my crappy phone!

    • admin

      Bring on the girl tribe, thank you for being the inspiration around this whole idea with the beautiful pic on IG!! xx
      It is so nice to hear that your hubby followed his heart and his dream and although it did not work out you know that he will never have any regrets!!
      The link does work for me BTW xx

  • Rachel Gadiel

    Loved reading your brain dump Lisa – what a great idea! I found myself nodding in agreement on so many of your points. I have many a negative thought about my body despite this going completely against my values – it requires constant redirection of my thoughts to not put myself down – why do we do this to ourselves, I don’t know!! Love the vision of your tribe too – the pic is perfect. And I 100% agree about people spending time doing things that don’t light up their world. I used to be like this and spent so many hours wishing away time counting down the days. it is incredibly sad to think that given our limited time on this earth we don’t spend nearly enough time doing the things we love. Well said xx

    • admin

      Hello lovely thank you for such kind words on my brain dump!
      Hopefully together we can inspire each other (and many others!) to let go of the body bashing and just be nice to ourselves more xx

  • Sammie

    I love the girl tribe thang, and we are totally on the same wavelength vis a vis the bad wine, cheap hotels and saying thank you from the heart. As for people and change, I am of the opinion that leopards don’t change their spots, and people don’t change their personalities. I hope that brain dump has left you feelin a lot “lighter!” My brain is so busy, and your post was so enlightening , you have inspired me to do a brain dump too!

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the leopard not changing spots! I am pretty sure you are right on that one 🙁 Anyway, another life lesson presents itself to me xx

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