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My mission as a blogger and a human being.

I hope we all make it

I see a lot of comparison, competing and simply ‘not nice’ behaviour here in the online world. Of course I see it in the real world too, it breaks my spirit a little every time I have to endure this.

Yet on the same day I then see a group of women working together, sharing openly with the vision to empower and uplift others.

This year I have come face to face with my greatest values challenge, the person who represents the extreme opposite to me in morals. I shake my head at the universe, torn between compassion and anger on most days. Surely this is one of my big life lessons, delivered to me as another growth and learning opportunity. Some days though I simply want to send this particular life lesson back to where it came from.

However, most days I am able to take a deep breath and smile. I am more confident than ever in my own story, more sure that this person deserves my compassion more than anyone. I may not be able to deliver that directly, my thoughts and prayers for healing and love and light have to suffice for now.

I have no interest in competing with anyone, ever. My mission as a blogger is to share as much of my own story as possible, so that those who need it most are reminded that there is always hope. My mission as a human being is very similar. I am not perfect, I have a past that involves a lot of darkness, and a lot of things that I am not particularly proud of. These things do not define me though, the way that I have chosen to forgive myself and grown, this is what defines me.

Ultimately it is my hope that more people can let go of the need to compete, the need to feed themselves on the act of putting others down. It really does get you nowhere in the end. It is only through giving, sharing and empowering others that you will get somewhere meaningful.

I pray for more kindness and less anger. More compassion and less judgement. More collaboration and less competition. More giving and less taking.

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroida

    That’s beautiful, Lisa. It’s true what they say, comparison really is the thief of all joy. Your words are so wise. I love how you practise what you “preach” you really are being the change that you want to see in the world (both real and online!) xx

    • admin

      Thank you gorgeous Sammie! So much for me to feel good about in your words, as always xx

  • Chelsea

    As a fairly new blogger, I’m yet to see this behaviour, however it makes me sad that its going on. Keep being true to yourself and your values, Lisa xxx

    • admin

      Chelsea I hope that you are able to avoid it, although it pretty much lurks around the blogosphere! Thank you for the kind encouragement xx

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