My thoughts on starting big school!


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Happy B first day



It is such a huge milestone, an occasion that deserves to be celebrated and remembered. It is perfectly OK to be emotional, anxious or to feel pretty much anything that you feel at this time. Sit with the emotions, it is a process of letting go for us parents. Be kind to yourself and remember that with every little part of our children that we lose to their rapid growth we gain something even more magical.

It is Day 2 today for my little sweetheart and I already dishing out the life lessons .. and you know what, that is exactly why I am here, blogging. It was actually the weeks leading up to his first day that were the most emotional for me. I think sometimes it is easy to become a bit overwhelmed with the thought of losing your babies to ‘big school’. It is perfectly natural, and to feel the feels is all a part of the letting go and embracing the next phase.

I would describe my son as passionate, kind, funny, super smart, imaginative and always curious. He could open the child proof lock at his child care centre many months before his last day this week, he was so ready to move on from his ‘little school’ although on the morning of his last day he told me that he actually really loved his little school and didn’t want to leave. He is also very sensitive, emotional and feels things deeply .. wonder where he gets that from??

In his usual resilient fashion though, his last day at little school went beautifully, he was the much loved oldest, tallest and most confident leaving the place where he had spent a lot of the past 4 years. He lovingly farewelled his friends and Carers, filled with the excitement of his next big adventure. I think that I was much more emotional leaving him on that last day than I expected!

I am a super organised person and Mamma, all of his school needs prepared and ticked off the list well in advance. I can honestly say that being organised is one of the best ways to avoid stress, it creates freedom and more time in your days! I am blessed with the freedom of a career break since the end of November, I am returning to part time in the middle of this month. Having the luxury of time to dedicate so much of myself to his start to school is something that I carefully planned and put in place. It is important to me, and I know that it is important to him too.

So the news from Day 1 is pretty much summed up in his beautiful smiling face, there were no tears from either of us! The day was shared with our closest family, it was simply lovely and it filled me with love and pride. My boy was calm, quietly confident and he handled it all with the perfect mix of maturity and childhood wonder!

My tips for other parents: share in their excitement, be prepared, ask lots of questions and embrace the experience with the same enthusiasm that our amazing little people always seem to share!



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  • shannon@ my2morrows

    Beautifully Written Lisa. So glad it went well for you both. Such a big build up isnt it! Sounds like your big boy was certainly ready. Now you get to watch him soar! Xx

    • admin

      Thank you Shannon xx
      So excited for him, and this next part of our story!

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