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My Top 10 Things to Do Alone


Do you appreciate your alone time? If I can share something really meaningful with you today that will absolutely change your life and result in much more JOY it is this .. cherish your solitude. Sadly I know a lot of people who cannot spend time alone, and most often this is not a good sign. Parents excluded (you all know how precious it is to pee alone) .. I wish that more people embraced and celebrated their solitude.

It is a deep sense of maturity and contentment that allows you to relish in your alone time. There are so many wonderful ways to spend this time even if it is only a small window or some fleeting moments. If you can, I highly recommend treating your alone time as you would any other regular essential and pop it into your calendar or diary. These are some of the ways that I find are hugely enriching when done alone:

♡ Grab some lovely magazines and have a slow coffee, maybe even morning or afternoon tea somewhere you adore. I love to linger over these mags in particular: Collective, Womankind, Hooray, Real Living or Wellbeing.

♡ Visit a Gallery, Library or Exhibition. It is one of those things that really feels luxurious when done alone, and slowly. It is generally very quiet, and if the weather is not great the perfect creative haven. The MCA in Sydney is my favourite for art and I also love the Australian Centre for Photography.

♡ Treat yourself to a beautiful new journal, find a peaceful spot and allow some free writing to flow. Here are a few prompts for you to make your own, grab the one that resonates and use it as a start point for your free flow of alone time writing:

Today I am grateful for..

My 3 most treasured memories are..

The most wonderful piece of advice I have received is..

I hope to be known for..

♡ Take some photos that you would normally not set your sights on, have a think about some different locations to visit and capture. Spend some time editing these photos with 2-3 new apps and explore your own creativity and self expression in this way. My favourites include Faded, Afterlight and VSCO.

♡ Immerse yourself in some study or learn something new. It does not need to be formal study or training, although I do love all of the courses! I am currently planning on heading back into my own study of A Course in Miracles. Is there a text or a topic that you long to explore in more depth? Set yourself up for some solo study!

♡ Spring Clean! Do a little refresh of your home, your workspace, your physical world. Doing this alone with some tunes or with a marathon of chick flicks or favourite old movies is such loveliness!

♡ Read! An obvious one, and also my favourite. Reading happens a lot less and somewhat more slowly when you become a parent, so it also becomes even more delicious and something to savour! I am currently reading The Gift of Failure.

♡ Meditate, create a little serene space at home and simply sit. Gather up some of your favourite books, candles, cushions and other calming belongings to set the scene and even if only for 10 minutes sit and focus on your breathing. Have a look at some of the amazing apps available for mindfulness and meditation, or a podcast.

♡ Get Organised .. clear some of your clutter and organise those drawers or cupboards that are hiding the things you simply choose to ignore at times! Following on from the Spring Cleaning, getting organised can really be a wonderful investment in yourself. It is definitely best done alone, so that you can really get amongst what needs your attention without distraction. It may not seem as appealing as some of the other suggestions for your alone time, however I do find that this is a really freeing process. It can create a lot of freedom in your space and your mind knowing that you have little jobs ticked off that have been lingering.

♡ Join the blogosphere! Be brave and set up your own little piece of real estate here in the amazing online world. If you are heart centred, kind, giving, wise and passionate then this could be the perfect new passion project or hobby for you! It is not about being the best, the biggest or the most beautiful. It is about being you, using your voice for good and allowing yourself to shine!

What do you love to do when you have some alone time?


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  • HappyEcoMama

    I love this!
    When I was younger I always tried to avoid spending time alone, and I’d feel sad when I was; now, I’ve learned to embrace solitude and realize that alone doesn’t mean lonely! There is so much freedom in the moments that you spend just by yourself, and they help you grow as a person.

    • admin

      It definitely takes time and life experience to learn to love your alone time!
      I love your words, thank you xx

  • Paula, The Geeky Shopaholic

    Reading and blogging are two of my favorite things to do alone. I also enjoy the cleaning and getting organized. Like you said, it frees up a lot of space in my mind so that I can concentrate on the things I really love to do. Great post!

    • admin

      Thank you Paula, sounds like we share a few of these favourite solo activities xx

  • Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages

    Love this from top to bottom xx

    • admin

      Thank you Malinda, so happy you loved this list xx
      Enjoy your alone time!

  • Vicki Wallis

    Yes I quite enjoy being alone as well. It is important to have that time to yourself and just be and do what you need to do. V x

    • admin

      So true Vicki, to ‘just be’ is such an important part of alone time, and our self care xx

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I don’t know whether it’s because I’m an only child but I love being on my own. I like to read, blog, bake or go for a run.

    • admin

      I love your thoughts on this Sammie, and of course your list of alone time activities xx

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