Parenting Little and Big Boys


My boy recently turned 8. It was quite possibly the most emotional of his birthdays for me, and I have been wondering why ever since. It felt like a bigger milestone than the others, although 8 is not considered a traditional ‘coming of age’? The soft blonde hairs on the back of his neck, the strength in his legs and his will have all become more noticeable. At times his emotions still overwhelm him, and he still sucks his thumb a little at night or when super tired. Is he really a big boy now?

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Kindness, Mental Health

21 Ways to be a Kind Human at Work

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It’s likely that you spend quite a bit of your time in a workplace of some sort. It may the traditional office environment, it may be working from home, managing a team remotely, managing a household or any variation on the ‘office’. No matter the type of workplace, you have the power to make it a better place for everyone, yourself included! It is a well known fact that acts of kindness are some of the best types of therapy! It is also widely known that the energy you put out into a place or the wider world is the energy that you attract more of. So it makes sense to be a kind human at work!

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Life Lessons, Mental Health

My New Out of Office Message

slow down post

Do you ever just want the world to S L O W Β .. D O W N a little, or a lot? It seems like this can be a never ending struggle some days, the rate at which others expect you to answer your phone, reply to your emails, finish your to do list and everything in between is relentless. If you share my desire to slow things down a little, you may be keen to use this little tool that has quickly become one of my best friends in the push back on the rush!

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