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Insider Guide: The Joys of the Central Coast: Part One

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It’s been 4 months since we said farewell to the Sydney Suburbs and made Ettalong Beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales home. Growing up in Terrigal looked a lot different to the Central Coast of 2017! I must confess that I did a weekend ‘review’ of the foodie scene before making the final decision to return to the Coast! It was such a relief to find so many new cafes and restaurants and lots of decent coffee. The Central Coast is finally a bit of a foodie playground with lots of joy to be found!

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I Had an Epiphany Today!

I had an Epiphany Today

I Had an Epiphany Today .. triggered by this post that Chantelle recently wrote.

I have been hiding, trying to be smaller too. Hiding behind baggy clothes, unshaven legs, teeth that need fixing, extra weight and other ‘deterrents’. I have been craving invisibility, wanting the world to look away.

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20 Meaningful Questions to Ask Your Children

20 questions to ask your children

If you want to go a little deeper than “How was school?” (which I find gets the same one word response everyday!) these questions may help you open up a whole new world of more meaningful conversation with your little people. It’s all about giving them the chance to talk about what matters to them. Little humans generally don’t have the skills yet to initiate a deeper conversation so as their adult influencers we can get them started. It can be a lot of fun, and it can also allow them to access things that are lying deep just waiting to be shared!

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