Kindness Life Lessons

Kindness Quotes for December


The world needs more kindness. Our schools, neighbourhoods, workplaces, nations and each of our own hearts and homes can always do with some more kindness. I know I say this a lot! It is my hope that one day I won’t need to say it anymore, there will be kindness in abundance. Until then we each have a role to play in working towards that dream. Alexandria from the lovely FTD by Design blog recently contacted me to offer the art of joy community their kindness quotes so of course I gratefully accepted!

Life Lessons Mental Health

Lessons from Mental Illness

Lessons Mental Illness copy

It helps to look at the positives. As often as I can in this crazy challenging life I look for the lessons and then I share them with others. (That should be my blog tagline!) Living with mental illness is a result of some incredibly dark times in my distant past, although distant they are very much still a part of my every day. Mental illness does not just go away, taking a tablet doesn’t cure it, and sometimes no matter how many things you try to ‘manage’ it, it simply just becomes a part of life forever more.


Parenting Little and Big Boys


My boy recently turned 8. It was quite possibly the most emotional of his birthdays for me, and I have been wondering why ever since. It felt like a bigger milestone than the others, although 8 is not considered a traditional ‘coming of age’? The soft blonde hairs on the back of his neck, the strength in his legs and his will have all become more noticeable. At times his emotions still overwhelm him, and he still sucks his thumb a little at night or when super tired. Is he really a big boy now?