Simple Ways to be a Nicer Person :)

be nice


It seems like a fairly simple concept..being nice. Simple yet powerful in fact, often under estimated and over discussed though. It seems the message is not getting through to many, both in real life and online it still fills me with sadness.. and concern, the lack of manners and simple niceties. Of course there are times when the balance is restored, when someone does something so abundantly nice that it overshadows the not so nice in our world. I also believe that ultimately we have the power to fill our own lives with more ‘nice’. The things that we send out, radiate in all of our actions, these are the things that will come back to us.

So in the genuine interest of radiating more goodness, these are some of my tips for being a nicer person:

Shine the light on others: this one works especially well at work! Don’t take all of the credit all of the time! If you have a team, or colleagues who you want to uplift then nothing is more nice than complimenting them, making mention of their work in a positive way in front of others or bringing them in on recognition. It is such a simple and powerful way to practice modesty and lift those around you.

Remember your manners: it surprises me the lack of common courtesy some days! It really does make a big difference to remember our please and thank you and you’re welcome! It is especially important for us parents to model the manners that we want our little ones to take into their futures.

Be thoughtful: yes it takes a little bit of effort if this one does not come naturally to you. It can feel especially hard to be a thoughtful person if you are drowning in deadlines, meetings, family commitments and the intensity of daily life these days. For me it is about making a fuss of the people who matter, letting them know that they are appreciated on their birthdays, and also at other random times. It might be a text message, a note in the mail, a card slipped under their door or left at their desk..these reminders and thoughtful acts could be just what that person needs in that moment.

In the world of blogging it is especially important to be nice: our manners are not something to be left behind at the door when we enter the online world! I wish there was some sort of sign or alert that popped up every time someone sat down behind their screen, to remind us that even online we all have feelings. We do not know what is going on in the lives of those around us, how fragile, lonely, depressed or anxious someone might be feeling. It is always best to assume that everyone could do with more kindness in their lives, not less.

Spread your niceness everywhere: don’t just save it for the people closest to you, although of course that is where it needs to start, at home! Take a moment to think about how the waiter in that cafe feels, would a kind word or a little compliment simply make their day, the answer is probably yes! It is all too easy to take out our frustrations, our exhaustion and our anger on strangers yet with a little effort this can become an opportunity to connect and change lives. In fact it will most likely alleviate your own frustration, exhaustion and anger in the process too!


Its nice to be important,

but its more important to be nice! 

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  • Trish

    I found via Sammie’s blog link today – isn’t she just the nicest lady.
    Niceness vs kindness – is it one and the same.
    I found a beautiful video yesterday called Kindness Boomerang.
    I really enjoyed your post and it resonates with me .
    Manners are being ignored in the busy’ness of life.

  • Sammie

    What a lovely post. Being nice is so important and it doesn’t necessarily take time or money. Any time and effort invested in being nice is always well spent. I was just thinking how important it is to be nice this week too, and chose to blog that quote for my words of wisdom this week! Great minds think alike!

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