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Some of the things that really confuse me in life!

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Life can be confusing at times…in fact I am mildly bewildered at least 2-3 times a day! I worry about people, and I worry about the world. I think it’s a good worry though, it motivates me to be more, do more and make more of a difference.

As much as I also worry about coming across as judgemental…I am not sure that we can be change makers, thought leaders or authentic bloggers if we don’t question things deeply. I just hope that this, questioning things deeply, does not come across as judgement.

There are some of the things that really confuse me in life:

♡ The anger and loathing on the road! It scares the life out of me, whilst at the same time boils my blood right back! I have seen some really scary reactions to some really small incidents, people who carry around a lifetime of pain and anger and unleash on their innocent fellow road users.

♡ Lack of manners…I know that most people are taught some simple and basic manners during childhood, what happens between then and now confuses me! It is not hard to wave your arm in view of the car behind if someone kindly lets you into a busy lane of traffic, nor is it hard to just put more please and thank you in your day.

♡ Spending crazy amounts of money on things like cars…I absolutely love a passionate hobby and there are many people who are passionate about cars. There are also many people who see cars as a symbol of their success and worthiness, who spend more money than they can afford to try and impress. It makes me sad that this will end in more emptiness for these people.

♡ Lack of loyalty really bewilders me, families with deep connections and shared experience who are torn apart from the outside in. It breaks my heart. It usually involves someone with unkind ulterior motives! Life is precious and family is more precious than a lot of people realise, often until its too late. I have family who fight over money when someone dies, this might possible be one of the things that will baffle me forever.

♡ As much as I love food, and the occasional experience of fine dining with the special people who fill our hearts with joy…I am confused by people who will willingly and publicly spend $500 a head on a meal based on hype yet not make a small donation to charity this year.

♡ School canteens that sell chips, packaged juice, flavoured milk, cheese and bacon rolls and other awful types of food. Children are impressionable, you spend the first 5 years of their lives leading by example at home and choosing a daycare or other type of care aligned with your values…and then they are subjected to the schools that are still oblivious to the damage being done by their canteen!

♡ Parents, carers and teachers who have still not embraced social media, this seriously confuses me! It is the one thing that your children are going to be influenced by, possibly damaged by and it is 100% unavoidable. As parents we are obliged to become a part of this world too, it is the only way to keep up with the technology, spot the signs if there is potential damage and if you can stay one step ahead then your children are going to be in a better place than most.

♡ Bloggers and humans being mean. Enough said. I wish it wasn’t so.

♡ Complaining. I shared this quote on Facebook last week and it was my most popular update ever: “As you waste your breath complaining about life, someone out there is breathing their last breath. Appreciate what you have.” AMEN to that!

♡ Women who choose fear and judgement over love and acceptance. The benefits to a life filled with love, kindness, empathy, understanding and non-judgement are limitless. Living a life led by fear, choosing to judge rather than support other women, this baffles me on a daily basis.

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  • Sarah Poppy

    Love this post Lisa. It is good to question – don’t stop questioning. Your post isn’t judgemental at all. I agree with Bobbie – keep questioning. You are making a difference xx

  • Bobbie

    Wow, love your post and agree with everything! I spent a lot of time thinking about all those points and they confuse me as well. The most I’ve been confused lately a lot is family and it’s sad that sometimes it becomes a painful existence. I have very little family here (it is my husband’s family really) and it pains me they don’t make effort to have a relationship with the only few people they have around. I spend a lot of time thinking over why is that and would they realise what they have missed on when it’s too late. I keep trying and I realise now that it’s not me, it’s them, but it’s still painful.
    I worry a lot; and as my kids grow up I worry even more. Something I’ve been worrying lately a lot is teenagers and how [some] parents not putting any boundaries of fear of losing the connection with them, eg allowing alcohol at parties, allowing boyfriends at age as early as 14 to stay over the night, etc. I think a lot of parent are mixing being a parent with being a friend…. I worry as my daughter is just 1 year away from being in high school….
    And just to finish, being judgemental is different to question… so don’t worry about being judgemental, keep questioning 🙂

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