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Weekly Gathering of Joy: Ideas for a Happy Week








My Gathering of Joy this week is all about ideas for having a happy week ahead. I am quite certain that by adding at least one of these things to your week you will find some happy!

Get involved in this photo challenge .. the sense of shared creativity and community is always uplifting!

Swap some of your sugary treats for something a little healthier on this list .. cutting back on sugar can have many benefits for mental and physical health!

Make this rainbow balloon arch and happiness is pretty much guaranteed right?

Read this post about building a life you love, takes some notes and start creating your own version of happiness!

Spend more time in the moment, this post on Tiny Buddha shares 10 paths to presence.

Hold your head high and strut confidently into your week with these tips from The Nectar Collective.

Pop one of these onto your desktop, enough said!

Download and print this free reminder to “DO WHAT YOU LOVE!”

I hope that there is loads of happiness in your week xx

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Weekly Gathering of Joy



Gala Darling

oh joy

Slim Aarons


I stumble across so much JOY online, I really need to be sharing more of this for you. So this is the first of a new series called “Weekly Gathering of Joy” .. we all need more joy, the world needs more joy, especially here online where at times there is too much of the opposite.

From the top:

Janneke is one of my favourite photographers, and this shoot for local label Lilya reminded me that Summer is coming to an end this weekend. As much as I find joy in the ocean, balmy nights and salty hair .. I also adore the change in season and slightly less humidity!

This workspace featured on decor8 had me dreaming and rearranging this week! So much beautiful light, clean white and the perfect little pops of colour.

This bedroom .. in a Gala Darling post about making your rooms more magical. Stunning, especially the photos and the mix of natural and candle light.

60 ways to create and give joy .. in a book! So perfectly me, and now available for pre order with a gift here!

Slim Aarons prints are getting me all excited about a bit of a change to my living room walls .. I think this one is my favourite.

Where did you find your joy online this week? I would love to explore some of your favourite places too xx



A collection of good things for you!

 collection 1

It is no secret that I spend a high proportion of my time here, online, behind my beautiful silver Mac. My family know that this is my place..they know that this is where Mummy works, where Mummy does a lot of her charity work and where Mummy shares a lot of her stories so that others feel less alone.

Besides the sharing of stories, I always find it really helpful when other bloggers share their favourite corners of the online world and the good things that have made a difference in their lives. It is endless, life is abundant with goodness and choice! It is my hope to create a regular collection of the good things that I have come across, experienced and read that I want to share, the things that have made a difference to me.

So here is my first collection of good things for you. Please do let me know if you find something new..learn something that makes your life a little better or if you would like me to share something specific in my next collection of good things!

en-JOY ♡

Such a cute little light box for positive messages in your home and for less than $100 by Typo.

I can testify to these “5 Ways to boost your creativity”.

These courses will change your life!

60 Things to be grateful for in life on Tiny Buddha.

Free Printable for those days when you need a reminder: “you got this.”

Buy a candle and help children with cancer.

Every day is a special occasion at The Palace Tea Room!

How amazing are these photos, all taken on iPhones!

If you only ever subscribe to one magazine it must be this one.

My absolute favourite skincare essential by Sukin.

Some of the most dreamy photos you will ever come across.

Dreaming about Tahiti thanks to Paula Joye!

BEST movie I have seen in a very long time.

This is where I gather some of the most beautiful photos I want to look at over and over.

When I need to do a little “photo pimping” this is where I pretty my pics.