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The impact of my experience learning and being mentored by Rachel McDonald has been seriously extraordinary! Rachel is a shining light in the world of doing what you love, living your passion and creating a life that is filled with purpose. I am a learning addict, which makes me a bit of an expert reviewer in this area too! Sharing my learnings and the different experiences I have had in life is the essence of this space and it is my life purpose.

It was the time that I spent in Rachel’s 8 week Blog Hearted course that provided me with the skills and extra support that I needed to launch the art of joy in the best way possible. My love of writing, sharing and connecting through the telling of my stories and life lessons was already there obviously, making the dream for this space come to life was deeply supported through this course.

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How to be Happier and Find Joy at Work

JOY at work


Finding ‘JOY’ at work might be a bit of a stretch for some .. you may as well aim high though right? I have been in those jobs where you literally watch the clock every afternoon, they pretty much suck the life out of you to be brutally honest. On the other hand they are usually also the exact thing that is keeping the life in you, by providing your basic needs of a home, food and other essentials.

I know that it is excruciating at times to ache for something more. It is a bit of a strange feeling to sit in that space between desperately wanting to take a leap from something that is not lighting you up, and the exciting yet uncertain pursuit of your dreams.

It is not always about that pursuit though, for some it is simply about being happier at work now. I have peeked into the stats around workplace satisfaction and it is such a depressing reality that many, many people simply do not like their jobs. Frustration aside, I care deeply about the underlying reasons for so much apathy and for so many wasted hours, days, months years of peoples precious lives.

What is going so wrong that the majority of people are unhappy at work? Perhaps we will delve deeper into that bottomless pit of possible reasons another time! I think that the most helpful approach in this space is for me to share some of the simple ways that I suggest may help if you want to be happier at work:

♡ Make a list of the positives and focus on being grateful for these things, rather than always allowing yourself to be consumed by the negatives. It is not always possible to take the giant leap out of a job and into a passion .. gratitude will turn what you do have into enough, and it may even turn things around from being unbearable to a little happier.

♡ Decorate your workspace .. make sure that you are surrounded (as little or as much as possible) with the colours and things that you love and that fuel your creativity and your spark. If you only have a small space or a hot desk, even some photos in a frame can make a difference.

♡ Look up, smile and connect with others in your workplace. It will change things for you if you can create and nurture some positive relationships, having a friendly face and some meaningful conversation will give you something to look forward to each morning.

♡ Volunteer for any opportunities that come up in your workplace. Is there a charity that your business supports, or is there a workplace volunteer program that you can join? Perhaps your workplace is lacking in this area and you could make some suggestions and develop a charity centred activity that will get you all fired up for work again!

♡ Immerse yourself in your work, go above and beyond, be more kind and more committed than you feel, always! I know this is a regular (nagging!) theme of mine, and I will continue to carry on about this! The reason being that I know it works, it turned my life around, and it continues to be my constant remedy for al l things!

How do you feel about your work? Do you have any other tips for being happier at work?

Life Lessons

How to live an authentic life .. and stay true to you!

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In a world that wants us to conform at every turn, it is often hard to be yourself! I find that surrounding myself with like minded non-conformists helps a lot! If I decide to bring back my pink hair (it happens every couple of months), I know that they will only smile and appreciate it. If I decide that working in an office is just not for me, I know that nobody is going to frown upon my lack of responsibility (my Dad may roll his eyes)!

It is perfectly OK to stand out, I think that sometimes it is fear that holds us back from living an authentic life. It is most likely that this fear comes from within, or from others who simply should not be a factor. Since my little man started big school I have noticed the pressure to conform, I have even had some fleeting thoughts of home schooling .. never going to happen, it just crossed my mind a few times when I was reminded of how rigid it can be at big school.

I can already see, only three weeks into kindergarten, that there is a lot of ‘shaping’ going on with these little humans. They are loud, filled with wonder and words and noise. It is not possible to allow this noise to go untamed all day every day in the classroom, I get that. I think that we as parents need to be mindful of the ways that our little humans are being shaped in the ‘system’ and be sure to do our own shaping too!

You have a voice too, a unique story and a purpose for being here that is different to any other human’s purpose. Own it, own your voice and never let it be silenced. I spend a lot of time pondering the meaning of authenticity, trying my best to be the same on the outside as I am on the inside, and the same offline as I am online. For me this is what it means to live an authentic life.

Is there something that you want to achieve that scares you a little? Allow the fear to surface and then pack it on its merry way, remind yourself that there are no limits to living a life that is true to you and your dreams. It might be something small, it might be something life changing. Listen to the murmurings of your inner guide and allow yourself to really tune into what it is that sets you apart. It is this that you need to pursue.

Being authentic will mean different things to different people, for me it has become about not compromising, as well as not conforming. I am not about to go out and break the law, that is not what this is about. I will always speak up when something matters to me though, and I will step up when something or someone matters enough to me. I can feel it inside if I am not being authentic, it is a little like anxiety .. it creeps up and makes me feel icky.

Listen to your gut, your inner guide, your intuition .. whatever it is that you call this part of YOU. Listen closely and act on the things that move you, the things that matter to you and the things that you want to be known and remembered for. It is not always easy, there are rules and expectations and for me it is about being authentic in a way that is also graceful, and respectful.

What does it mean for you to live an authentic life?

Image credit: one of my favourite photographers ever Janneke.