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How to Add More Colour at Home

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Colour can change the way you feel about the world, and the best place to start with adding some colour to your world is at home. It doesn’t need to cost the earth, and adding colour does not need a lot of space or your own home. I am a renter and all of these photos show some of the simple ways that I have added colour to our little apartment.

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Weekly Gathering of Joy: Interior Inspiration

A Beautiful Mess colour dining room home


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Colour and personality at home = JOY for me! My home is a bit eclectic in style, and I love to add a few meaningful little bits and pieces to my home wares collection every now and then. I am also a fan of the ‘less is more’ concept so I am quite selective and I also give things away to charity a lot as my way of balancing the universal flow!

It is amazing the amount of interior inspiration to be found here on the inter webs! If you are anything like me it is with constant and wide eyed wonder that I find myself pinning and gathering favourites. Over the past week I have seen a lot of beautiful rooms and also some new home wares that would make any space more joyful!

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11 Tips to make your home more fun and less boring.

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My home is bright, a little eclectic and a lot warm and welcoming! If you want to make a few changes at home to create a little more fun and give you lots more joy then these are some of my tips for doing that:

♡ Forget the rules! This is definitely the most important one if you really want more fun. I really wanted a daybed instead of a couch, it is so much more comfortable, fits more people and doubles as a spare bed. If you follow the rules then you will always have a standard couch or sofa, facing your TV. If that blows your hair back then that is perfectly fine, if not, then choose something that really makes you happy.

♡ Mix it up! Forget about the need for “matchy matchy” and colour coordination, if you really want to shake things up and create a space that is more vibrant. Clearly I love colour so that is pretty much my theme, colours that lift my spirits and although there is certainly not a theme, the style could be classed as eclectic.

♡ Remember that is does not cost the earth to make some changes at home. Most of the big items pictured in our home are second hand or have an element of DIY. The daybed I researched and bid fiercely for on ebay, sanded back and then painted white. All of the other large pieces of furniture are also second hand and painted white by me!

♡ There is so much amazing wall art around these days! Some of my favourite places to explore and shop include Society 6, Blacklist, Peppa Hart and Ivy Invite.

♡ Buy fresh flowers, it’s an oldie but a goodie! There is nothing that compares, and if you head to a flower market you can save lots and find lovely fresh ideas.

♡ Keep an eye out in unlikely places for small ways to brighten your home. The Campbell’s soup tins pictured were a very unexpected find in the bargain bin at Woolworths whilst doing my grocery shop. Always check the grocery store for anything cute and quirky that can brighten your kitchen.

♡ Think outside the standard ways to brighten up your bedroom too, Cotton On Kids released an amazing line of bed linen last year and I have used a few of their pillow cases to brighten up my own room!

♡ Spaces such as balconies don’t have to be boring either! As you can see from the photo of our balcony sanctuary, this is a sacred space for us. The green carpet squares are super cheap from Ikea, the space is fairly covered so is ideal to turn into another room. I spend a lot of time working and blogging there, and also enjoying cups of tea, and champagne with loved ones.

♡ Chalkboard paint can be used for creating living art! I have painted our dining room table as you can see pictured, and everyone loves to share messages during meals, or leave each other notes.

♡ Party decorations, paper poms, banners and other items usually saved for birthdays and celebrations make wonderful and colourful everyday styling! They are also really affordable. Kmart has a new range of items in tropical theme you should check out!

♡ Hide nothing, savour and make the most of your favourite things. I have all of my magazines stacked in baskets for myself and visitors to access easily and frequently, the same for books and photos. Make sure that the things that make you YOU are always around for daily inspiration.