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How to Use Technology for Kindness

Technology and Kindness


I find that if you look at technology with positivity and gratitude, you will experience a lot less fear and stress. The more love that you give something, the more love that you will receive in return. Technology is freakin’ amazing! Social media has changed our lives, and I think at times we can become overwhelmed with the negatives and forget to appreciate the positives.

As parents, carers, teachers and adults, we need to be particularly careful here. Children and teens will take our lead on the way that we view and use technology, they are digital natives and technology is something that they have known pretty much since birth. I believe that it is important to put yourself in their shoes and look at it this way. It is not going anywhere, they have not known any portion of their lives without technology as you may have.

Kindness Life Lessons

A Collection of Posts to Change the World!

A collection of posts to change the world

Yes I have high hopes! I believe that we need to dream big and at the same time we need to start where we can to change the world, and for most of us that is in our own lives with the people we can directly impact. It is not hard to be a little nicer, pay a little more attention to others and to sprinkle kindness and leave a trail wherever you go in this crazy beautiful life!

Kindness Life Lessons

Do your Acts of Kindness Matter?

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It can seem as though making a difference in any significant way is impossible sometimes. How can you possibly have an impact on the huge and overwhelming disasters, sadness and suffering in the world? If everyone simply shook their head and concluded that it was too hard though, there would be no ripples of kindness out there.

It is possible to make a difference, and yes most definitely your acts of kindness do matter! It is all about starting somewhere, not letting yourself get carried away with negative thoughts of not having an impact. If everyone spent a little more time focused on giving and a lot less time on taking, the ripple effects of kindness would be even greater!