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Kind Kids: How to Talk to Children about Charity



The generation we are currently raising will be running the world soon, no pressure! It may seem like you have no time, no knowledge or no experience to allow you to talk about charity. It is not that hard, and it will change your life in more ways than you can imagine. It is your responsibility as a parent, a teacher, a carer and as a human being with the simple power and privilege to help those most in need.

The world is already overwhelmed with acts of terror, abuse, disease and poverty. It is unacceptable that so many young people take their own lives, and that things like unsafe water are still killing so many children. Every act of kindness makes the world a better place, every dollar donated to charity and every minute of your time volunteered helps. It is a simple yet hugely powerful thing to become an influence for good.

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A Letter to the Single Parents



Dear Single Parent,

You are not alone, although at times it feels more alone than anything else, ever.

It can really depend on the part of this path you are on as to how you might be feeling in your role as a single parent. I know that those first few months can be filled with fear. I know that fear intimately, and I know that it will pass. “This too shall pass.”Hold onto that thought when the fear threatens to cripple you.

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4 Charity Ideas for Your Family

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If you want to raise future leaders, children who are a little extra-ordinary and who may just change the world for the better yet you feel that this is all too hard .. let me assure you that it is entirely possible. In fact, as parents it is our responsibility to inspire the next generation. In a world that often seems overwhelmed with fear, hate and trauma it has never been more important for you as a parent, carer or role model of any kind to step up.

It is not OK to be a bystander anymore, the world has enough of those. The frightening rates of youth suicide, domestic violence, bullying, eating disorders, homelessness and other issues are our responsibility. It is going to take a passionate and powerful effort by all members of society to ensure that these issues are addressed and our children are protected.