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10 Ways to Create more Calm and Balance: Guest Post



Stressed? Stretched? How do you find your way back to your happy place?

Jenni is another one of those very rare humans who simply wants to leave a positive mark. Jen has such a bright and optimist outlook, my kinda chick! Blogging about cancer with a smile, body image, ‘styling ‘curvy’ and spreading lots of her own unique goodness, there is so much to be grateful for with this type of person in your world.

10 Ways to Create more Calm and Balance: a Guest Post by Jenni Eyles from Styling Curvy

Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, yeah I know it freaked me out too! Prior to that diagnosis my life was loaded with stress running around after kids, running the household and working in retail management.

What I’ve learned since is that I invited stress into my life, not intentionally but I wasn’t strong enough to say no often enough.

These days I’m busier than ever but can honestly say that stress just doesn’t play a role in my life anymore. There’s no magic bullet, it’s about balance. You know, doing small things to help balance out the big things. It’s going to be different for everyone and some of you will be so used to daily life that it might be difficult for you to get inspired, so here are my Top 10 ways to create a more calm and more balanced life:

Tea: I know, simply hey! I like to make a pot of tea in the afternoon served up in a pretty pot complete with cup and saucer and a milk jug. Sounds a bit fancy pants but its about the ritual, taking the time to create a mini tea party helps me to slow down and using pretty China reminds me that ‘I’m worth it’.

Fresh flowers: If I was halfway decent at gardening I would snip them from my garden, but I’m a crap gardener so I pick up a bunch of pretty blooms from the florist and pop them in a jug to admire. Flowers make me smile and they are good for the soul!

Yoga is my re-energiser! Exercise is important for keeping the body working but finding the right exercise for you can sometimes be tough. For me its yoga, its healing, calming and energising and I freakin love it!

Let go of perfect: Oh I’ve been there .. cleaning my house so it sparkles and shines but these days it’s a different story. I can happily leave a sink full of dishes in favour of catching up with a friend or client. Dishes, washing and vacuuming will always be there, so say yes to invites, grab opportunities and enjoy yourself!

Get Dressed: Now I know I’m a style blogger, and have had lots of practice dressing women but getting up and getting dressed makes a difference to how I feel. A bit of lipstick, some jewellery and a pretty dress and I can take on the world .. well, add a mug of long black and then I’m Wonder Woman!

Connect with your partner: I’ve been married for 20 years, my mister is awesome and we are still very much in love but that love continues to grow because we nurture it. It’s not always easy but we find time for each other. When our boys were little it was going for evening walks together or a movie night. These days its weekly brunch, coffee catch ups or weekend ocean swims together.

Doing for others is super important: giving back feeds your soul and just feels good. I do volunteer work, fundraisers and I am an Ambassador for ‘The Hospital Research Foundation’ which is local and I’m a community ambassador for the Mothers Day Classic fun run.

Friends are the glue that keep me held together: they support me, nurture me and give me a good girly giggle. This year is about finding more time to catch up, it could be a cuppa, walk on the beach, surprise visit or a movie. As long as we are connecting and there for each other that is what matters.

Do what you love: after I cam through treatment I didn’t want to go back to retail because I knew that within months I would be in a knot of stress again so I decided to follow my love of writing and connecting and started blogging. It serves my need to connect and share but also runs as a business and I love it. When you made the leap and follow your dreams it doesn’t feel like work.

Shop at local farmers markets: yes I know I’m killing two birds with one stone so to speak, by doing the grocery shopping, but to be honest shopping at my local farmers market is also fun. I love the energy, the stall holders, the amazing produce, learning about food and getting tips. I also love knowing that I am supporting local. Most Sundays I head there on my own or I occasionally go with a friend and we make some time to have a cuppa and a good catch up. It sure beats a crazes whiz around the giant supermarkets being bombarded by advertising and buying food I don’t need.

There you have it. Of course there is more that I to keep balance and nurture myself but these are the things that I do often and some of them may be a good place to start if you are looking for ways to create some more calm and some more balance in your life. Good luck!

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5 Steps to Peaceful Decision Making {Guest Post}

Peace of Mind

Five Steps to Peaceful Decision Making by Meg Garrido:

You love your children, of course you do. Perhaps staying at home with them is all you ever wanted to do, or maybe you are missing going to work and contributing your skills and knowledge to the workplace. It could be that you think you would like to work part time but you are worried about putting your child into childcare.

The options are endless. What do you do .. and what do you do with your children each day? I recently read an article which stated:

“The most important factors contributing to a Mother’s happiness and life satisfaction are not really about whether they are at home or in an office, its about whether or not they have made a mindful choice.”

Here are five tips to help you move through the decision making process and find peace of mind:

Identify all of the options

It is empowering if you are able to make a fully informed decision by laying out all of the options for consideration. There will be many in most situations, some with no immediate appeal however it is helpful to acknowledge them all.

Know what you really want

Spend some time being very clear about what it is that you really want to do, not what you think you should do or what others expect you to do. Deep down in your own heart what will make you happy?

Think through all of the pros and cons

Now you have considered all of the options and identified  what it is you really want, you should make a list of the pros and cons of your favoured option. It is important to make sure that you have the support you will need, that financially you are able to proceed and that the logistics of your decision are viable.

Make your decision. Commit. Communicate.

When you reach the stage of having an option that you are happy with and that works for you and your family you need to make a firm commitment to the decision. Avoid procrastinating and ensure that fear is not going to delay your decision. Make the choice and to prevent any further wavering, communicate your decision. Start talking to the people who you will need to work with to make it happen and also to your critical support network.

Don’t over think your decision

Focus on moving forward now that your decision is made and has been communicated. Enjoy the happiness that comes with this mindful process, celebrate the support you have around you. Don’t be rocked by those who don’t agree, or by the moments when you may have a wobble. Don’t allow yourself to keep analysing your decision and avoid talking about your decision or your worries repeatedly. This type of over thinking is not productive.

Know that there will be challenges along the way and there will be times when it will be hard for you to remember why you made your decision. Other people can play a big role in making you feel guilty about the decisions you have committed to.

Having gone through a thorough and mindful process as outlined in these steps, you will always have somewhere to return for reassurance. Remember what it is that you really wanted and how you came to your decision.

It is also important to remember that change can be difficult and to give yourself time to adjust. Treat yourself with kindness while you are in the process of implementing any major decisions. Lean on your support network and ensure that you take some time out for yourself during these busy and demanding periods in your life.

Guest Post Author: Meg Garrido

Meg is the Founder of Playroom to Boardroom, a community for working Mums and those planning to return to the workforce. Meg’s background is in corporate finance and she has qualifications in economics, accountancy, primary school teaching and personal training.

Meg enjoys keeping fit, reading and speaking on topics she is passionate about. Meg has two daughters, Violet aged 5 and Jasmine aged 3.

I was so pleased to hear from Meg recently and to learn more about her vision to support and encourage working Mums, the more places and resources we have to connect and inspire each other the better!



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Choosing a word for 2015

my words 2015

The process of choosing a word, or a set of words for the year ahead can be a really lovely way to create a vision for yourself. Susannah Conway introduced me to this concept several years ago, and ever since this has been a part of my new year ritual.

It can be as simple or as elaborate a ritual as you wish. For me is a bit of a process, a lot of free writing of words and concepts around my dreams and goals for the year ahead. It also involves reflection on the year that is being left behind, evaluation of feelings and experiences. The words generally flow for me, after some time to myself, some meditation and solitude.

The aim is to set some very clear intentions for your year ahead, for the you want to feel and the way you want to experience the next 365 days. I thought it might be helpful for me to reflect on the words that I have chosen for 2015:

PEACE: it has been a year of battle and struggle for me in a lot of ways, dealing with a person who has challenged my every value and fibre of my being. I have fought against her influence to the detriment of my own health, the health of my family and the wellbeing of many precious lives. It was the only way I could cope at the time, and of course with reflection it could have been done with more grace and more peace. The world seems to be in desperate need of more peace too, as we head into 2015. This word has been calling me for many months, so it was a bit of natural choice, it literally made itself known to me.

SURRENDER: Gabby Bernstein is responsible for this word and this concept. It is a tricky one, to surrender ourselves rather than fighting for or against something or someone. It leads on beautifully from the concept of peace. I understand now that I need to surrender more and worry less. I intend to put this into practice more and more this year.

MIRACLES: again this is a concept introduced to me by Gabby Bernstein. My understanding is that a miracle occurs when we choose love over fear. Such a hugely impactful process, yet fear is usually our default response. I intend to work on my ‘miracle mindset’ this year, and to choose love over fear more and more. On reflection, I believe that I have allowed fear to rule my life for too long.

Have you chosen any words to guide you into 2015?