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How to manage your emails + find joy in your inbox!

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Yes it is true, you can manage your emails with less pain .. and even find joy in your inbox! I know it all sounds a little crazy, stay with me!

The first and most important step is to remove yourself from the modern day collective “whinge” about email, it is not that bad, it is simply what we make it. I am guessing that the volume of your email does not compare to some others, and you also need to understand and accept that it is not all about the number of emails you have to manage!

Email really is amazing, take a step back and think about it. There was a time when mailing letters was the equivalent! There really is no comparison in terms of ease, speed and efficiency. Lets remember to focus on this at those times when it feels less than amazing.

I will share something with you, I actually enjoy opening, reading and dealing with my emails. It has not always been this way, there was a time when I joined the collective whinging and complained every morning, rolled my eyes and avoided it because it was all too hard. Those days are long gone now and it has made my life a lot easier, emails are not going away, unless you simply close your eyes and delete them all every morning, and I don’t recommend that.

So here are my tips for managing your emails and finding some joy in your inbox:

♡ If you are doing what you love in life, then naturally your inbox will be filled with emails that excite you! I know this is a little more complicated for some, if you are in a job that does not excite you and you are dreaming of something more meaningful then it is going to be harder for you to find the joy in your inbox! If this is the case, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to at least 3 really beautiful, meaningful newsletters, to break up the monotony of your normal emails. I recommend: Collective Hub, Esther and Tiny Buddha.

♡ If it is the case that you struggle to find any joy in your work inbox, I recommend implementing a really organised approach, if the stress of managing your email is minimised then you are less likely to be negative about the content.

♡ My system for managing and organising my emails is fairly simple: If I can respond to something adequately within 2 minutes then I do that immediately upon reading the email and then it is filed, if it is simply information then I file it into the relevant email folder immediately, if it needs further action or reading and is going to take longer than 2 minutes to complete it goes into a special folder I have called ‘TO-DO’. This is my virtual to do list specifically for emails. My rule is that there cannot be any more than 10 emails in this folder at any time. My other important rule is that my main inbox is ALWAYS empty.

♡ Further to being organised is the important step of scaling back the volume of email you receive. At work this is sometimes beyond your control, although unsubscribing from as much as possible makes a huge difference. I prefer to keep up to date with my favourite blogs, brands and charities by their Facebook updates and my news feed. I have less than 10 email newsletters that I choose to allow into my inbox only! Be a bit ruthless here! Also remember to minimise your use of the dreaded “Reply all” button, use only when absolutely necessary or you will start a wild fire that you cannot control!

♡ Always be extra, ‘above and beyond’ kind and nice when reading emails, replying to emails and in all of your communications. I can guarantee that this will change the way you experience email. If you put more kindness into your emails, you will receive more kindness back from others. If you can create a communication style that is authentically, beautifully you then emails will become a lot more pleasant in general.

Let me know how you feel about your emails?

Doing what you love

What are you passionate about? My Top 10.

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Do you live with passion? What drives you to be a better you, to conquer your fears and realise your dreams? The things that you are passionate about will make themselves clear if you listen closely and live with intent as well as authenticity. It has been through my life experience that I have discovered my (many) passions, and it is through staying true to these things and letting them light my way that I choose to live.

These are some of the things that I am most passionate about:

♡ Choosing words carefully! As a parent, a Manager, a colleague, a blogger, a friend, a partner, a daughter and even a all of the relationships and roles that fill my life, choosing words is a careful process. Of course I am also only human and at times my words are less carefully chosen and more ‘spewed forth’! Most of the time however I think about their impact before sharing them. They can have such a huge impact on their recipient/s and I think that with more life experience come more awareness of this.

♡ Saying no! It has taken me many years to build up the ‘no’ muscle, and it is one of the most important ways in which I set boundaries, and stay committed to my self care practice. It is important to deliver this response with careful thought and also a lot of respect and grace, practice makes perfect!

♡ Charity! If you have a roof over your head, food on your table, clothes on your back, an education and you feel safe going about your daily life then you are in a better place than many millions of others. There really is no excuse to ignore charity for those of us who live with the luxuries of technology, fashion, blogging, eating out and our other lifestyle choices. Every dollar, every action and every little bit of time volunteered makes a difference. Please if you do not already, support a cause that you care about.

♡ Manners! It is so important to me that my children are polite and respectful, and leading by example is the best way to teach. Treat every single person you encounter with the same high standard of manners, it is actually quite simple yet hugely impactful.

♡ Raising children who are a little extra-ordinary! I am not going to be forcing them into any beauty pageants or tennis camps, that is not what this one is about! It is about providing information beyond the standard school curriculum, and encouraging them to experience things that are a little out of the ordinary, so that they have a wider view of the world around them. I believe that we have an important role as parents to look beyond the basics, of course we want our children to be ‘happy and safe’ but the world needs more leaders, more compassionate thinkers and more young people ready to make a difference.

♡ Sharing as much as possible! It is not about glory, self gratification or simply over sharing for the sake of it. This is something at the very core of my being, if you are able to reflect on your own life lessons and share the nuggets of wisdom with others then this will change lives and possibly support so many others!

♡Authenticity! Keeping it real, no games and no lies. Simple, yet difficult for some. The online world is a bit of a micro version of the real world and sadly there is a lot of yucky stuff that seems to be magnified in this space. It is those who live with absolute truth, clear values, positive and kind attitudes and real authenticity who stand the test of time and who truly flourish.

♡ Celebrating! Cliches abound in this one, they are hard to avoid though, simply because they are filled with truth! We really do only have one shot at this crazy beautiful life, if you are healthy and able to rise each morning with freedom then there is plenty to celebrate! I am passionate about birthdays, holidays and the opportunities we are given to celebrate the people in our lives as well as our blessings. Grab every opportunity you can to share laughter, meals, champagne, sunsets, milestones and all of the magical moments in between.

♡ Quality over quantity! Friendships really do change over our lifetimes, some stay the same and others come and go, and this is OK. Be picky with your friends, the energy and the types of people who you allow into your life have a huge impact, our time is precious. As we experience more and more in life it becomes more obvious that less is more, in so many areas!

♡ LOVE! Are you passionate about love? Let it guide you always, in everything you do, choose love over fear and you will never look back!

What are you passionate about?