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The Art of Making Childhood Memories

Ford 5

(This post is the first in my series of three for the Kidspot Voices of 2015 | #fordthinking Challenge)

One of my favourite childhood memories is eating fish and chips at the beach in the back of our old station wagon. It was purple and a bit too cool for school (at the time), my Dad was a rev-head in his younger years! I can smell the salty air, hear the seagulls and remember it all so vividly. It is one of those memories I clutch at when I long to bring my Mum back to life, and for her to know my beautiful boy.

As a part of my place in the Kidspot #Voicesof2015 this shiny, brand New Ford Everest came into our lives (sadly this is a temporary situation!). I currently drive a much loved 13 year old bomb, and by loved I mean well worn and very close to the car retirement home! It is just not possible in my single Mamma budget to upgrade, and until this super fancy beast arrived I thought that I was actually quite happy with a bomb ..

Until I realised that some cars now have things such as seat warmers, park assist, voice controlled everything, 7 airbags, Power Tailgates (amazing for the groceries!) and even a ‘Power fold split 3rd row seat’ .. this last one is the thing that prompted this particular childhood memory, and inspired the idea to recreate this for my own little person. By pushing a button you can quickly have the 3rd row of seats folded down to create the perfect open space in the back to set up your own cosy picnic.

Having a picnic in the back of the car at the beach, besides being such a special memory to me, is also one of those really simple things that I knew would be a huge hit. This amazing Ford Everest is perfect for laying out some picnic fare .. we always have a well stocked ‘party drawer’ at home so any chance to rummage through and create a little party scene we love! As you can see, he is in his element and gets his party styling skills from his Mamma!

Ford 17

Besides the nibbles I thought that the picnic in this particularly fancy car deserved something a little special so I created a very hip jar salad for the occasion (which is actually really easy!):

Jar Salad

Jar Salad Recipe:


♡ Small container of bocconcini cut or torn into pieces

♡ A punnet of really sweet small tomatoes cut in half or small wedges

♡ A handful of fresh basil leaves

♡ Half a small red onion cut into small thin strips

♡ A generous pinch of sea salt

♡ A slurp of good quality olive oil

♡ A slurp of good quality balsamic vinegar

Simply chop all of the fresh ingredients into a nice jar and then add the sea salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I add the dressing at the very last minute before we leave for the picnic and then give it a little shake before serving.

It didn’t take us long to set ourselves up and enjoy such a beautiful afternoon ..


Ford 7

Ford 8

Ford 9

Ford 12


Ford 16IMG_2452


Ford 6

I wasn’t quite sure which part of this adventure my little love enjoyed the most, anything that results in this kind of emotion is a good thing and I am excited to create more of this J.O.Y through my place in the Kidspot Voices of 2015 campaign.

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  • Katie Sheehan

    I too have a lot of happy childhood memories in my Mum’s bomby Kingswood and Dad’s bomby Valiant!

    • admin

      Love that we share these memories, thanks for being a part of making them happen again xx

  • Fleur | Our Urban Box

    I think your little love enjoyed all of the adventure! I love recreating special memories from my childhood with my children. Something so joyful about re-living that moment with your kids!

    • admin

      Thank you lovely xx
      It is so special isn’t it, being in that moment again yourself and knowing how beautiful it must be for your own children now too!

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