The Art of Photographing Flowers


Since I shared this collection of my favourite creatives taking beautiful photos of flowers I have been a little rosy eyed and seeing the world through floral glasses! Every time I see a flower I see it through my camera lenses .. the angles, the potential to edit and share in some way! So when a lovely friend gave me some roses from her garden I may have been a little excited!


the flowers 1

the flowers 2

the flowers 3



I have this thing with photographing the flowers in my life ..

maybe I want to preserve them for all time, knowing how fragile they are and how transient in my life.

It is their intense beauty, that changes each day they are in your care.

The joy that they so quietly impart in your home, the fragrance ..

and they way they look in whatever way you choose to display them.

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  • Kate

    OH Lisa, a woman after my own heart (in so many ways), I too constantly admire photos of flowers, from all range of photographers – their texture, their beauty, the smiles they bring. I too have a flower-love board on Pinterest. Whenever I come acorss flowers, I want to photograph them first, then display them.

    You’ll always find random flowers appearing on my Feeds.


    • admin

      I love that you also appreciate this obsession Kate xx

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