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Single Parenting is not what most of us pictured as young girls .. when you dreamt about a wedding and babies and happily ever after. The reality is that almost half of all marriages end in divorce, not all relationships will last, life is complicated. It is not your place to judge anyone who sits outside of the traditional family model. In fact, if I can give you any advice at all it would be to accept and embrace the richness of different modern families.

Single Parenting is most definitely an art. It is also utterly exhausting at times, and it varies so much from one home to another. The circumstances behind all family models are varied and a huge dose of acceptance and non judgement will go a long way! If you are a single parent, if you know a single parent, if you were raised by a single parent .. then you will most likely have your own very unique experiences.

I find that this topic creates a lot of engagement when I share my feelings and my truths. I believe that this topic needs more exposure, and that single parents need more support and less judgement. My circumstances are complex enough, my challenges are ongoing, and I need your unconditional acceptance. It was not my intention to parent solo, it was a decision that I made and whole heartedly stand by though, life often has other plans for us than those which we map out.

It really doesn’t change things if you resist ‘what is’ in life, become toxic, give in to the negative and generally just lose your shit. It is OK to do this temporarily if you find yourself somewhere you had no intention of being, pick yourself up and take the steps to move forward as soon as you can though. Yes single parenting is one of the hardest things you can imagine, as a parent. It does not compare to many others though, like chemo, or an earthquake. It can be done with strength, maturity and dignity.

the art of Single Parenting is a little ‘project’ that I hope will connect and unite as many single parents as possible. I have a lovely little Facebook group set up to connect with others who want to share their experience and support each other. As someone who is a single parent, who was raised by single parents, who has had a Step Mother and who has been a Step Mother .. I bring a lot of well rounded experience to this topic!

Watch this space for my next post in the series sharing some of the things that I have learned as a single parent xx

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  • fleurh81

    I am also one in awe of single parents. It would have to be the hardest job. No judgement here either, aren’t we all doing the best we can? I have a friend at work and she is a single mum and I admire her so much. She has gone through so much and she still gives 110% to her kids every day x

    • admin

      Thank you Fleur, it is damn hard at times, it is also really special in the most intimate way, the time I spend with my precious little boy just the two of us is precious xx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    I’ve always had nothing but extreme admiration for single parents (male or female), it’s an exhausting and tough gig but the rewards are huge x

    • admin

      So true Jen xx
      The rewards are unique and I am so grateful for that, and for so much!

  • Gabrielle Wallace

    There is nothing that can open your eyes to single parenting like becoming a single parent… My parents divorced when I was 13 and I saw my mum struggle my whole life but I truly didn’t understand until I lost my partner and became the pregnant sole parent of 2 little girls. If I knew as a child just how HARD being a sole parent was I am sure I would have been a lot more gentle with my own mum. I have since become the partnered parent of 4 and though parenting is still a mission for me I know in my heart what it is like to parent on my own and so I have the utmost respect for any parent ‘going it alone’ A true inspiration <3

    • admin

      Hi Gab – thank you so much for sharing, I have always admired your strength in moving forward since losing your partner.
      It is so true that it is not until later in life that we truly appreciate what our own parents went through themselves xx

  • my2morrows

    I’m with Jackie. So much admiration for single parents no matter what the circumstances. As a child with divorced parents it’s only now that I’m a parent myself that I’ve truly realised the sacrifices that were made for us kids. it also brings to the surface other issues I didn’t even realize were there but im working through them 😉

    • admin

      Thank you Shannon, I feel the same about my own parents, my Mother in particular who sacrificed so much for us and worked so hard to create the best possible life and relationship xx

  • Jackie @ Hippie Mumma

    I admire, and not judge, you or any single parent. I often think about my single parent friends and how they do it, how I can support them when needed. xx

    • admin

      So lovely Jackie, to have that approach.
      I think there is a very instinctual habit of many to judge without even thinking, I wish that was not the case xx

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