The Joy of Giving Charity Series: Assist a Sista for Domestic Violence

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Did you know that domestic violence will affect more than 500,000 Australians every year? What a frightening statistic, and unimaginable reality for so many women, children and families. It is hard to comprehend the fear that is experienced by those who live with domestic violence, especially the young children.

Assist a Sista is a charity that strives to empower victims with the aim of breaking the cycle and enabling victims and their children with a fresh start. Assist a Sista provides a comfortable home with all of the basics, so that they can continue to heal. What a truly wonderful gift this is for those who are affected, to be able to turn their lives around with the support and comfort of a place to call home.

This amazing charity was founded in 2012 by two working Mums with a passion to make a difference..I could not be more in awe and supportive of the work that they are doing. This work is centred around their Facebook page where they facilitate donations of clothing, furniture, toys, non-perishable food and other comfort items on a needs basis.

As an admiring fan of their page who watches on as people literally jump at the chance to provide the items listed, I share their vision to “become a household name.”

“Assista Sista Australia will bring awareness to the epidemic that is Domestic Violence through education and action. 

We WILL make a positive difference, one family at a time.”

If you want to support a charity that is clearly working to directly change the lives of those most in need then this is one that I would highly recommend! It does not take a lot of time to join their Facebook page and stay up to date with the most pressing needs for their ‘havens.’

Their website also clearly lists the ongoing needs, some very helpful guidelines around donating items for havens and other ways to contribute financially or as a volunteer. Remember that every donation counts, it does not need to be overwhelming or confusing to give back and make a real difference. As a Mother this cause is particularly close to my heart, it is one that can be beautifully integrated into our parenting too.

Creating a ritual of supporting various charities and selecting them together as a family is such a wonderful and beneficial activity. Here are some simple ideas and tips that you might want to share with your family or friends to support Assist a Sista:

♡ Choose a night of the week to become your family charity night and create some simple rituals around this event, perhaps discussing different charities or causes of interest to everyone.

♡ Depending on the age of your children, prepare some simple dot points about the work of Assist a Sista, it is obviously a very sensitive topic so it is important to keep it simple.

♡ Focus on the positive impact of the work being done by Assist a Sista rather than the potentially frightening aspects.

♡ Bring it all back to being about supporting other children and families who need it most, explaining that they have been in an unsafe home and they are now setting up a new happy and safe place to live.

♡ In very practical terms, these children and families need some of the basic things that we might take for granted such as teddy bears, a warm bed, blankets, kitchen items and school basics.

♡ Commit to keeping in touch with their Facebook page and making a list of the items that are needed and that you could contribute together to make a very tangible difference to the children and families.

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