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Rachel Martin has been one of my online rays of light for many years. It was the shared focus on joy in our writing and single parenting that drew me to her online space Finding Joy. Always real, honest and brave I have found so much solace in Rachel’s Facebook posts, her page is adored by many. Busy with recently birthing a new book, nurturing the joy in her beautiful children and sharing so generously online, I was a little bit excited when Rachel was able to be a part of my interview series.

Huge love and gratitude Rachel for being a part of the JOY TRIBE:

Where in the world do you call home?
For most of my life I called the snowy, frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota, home. But for the past eighteen months my heart (as well as our family) has shifted and I am proud to call Nashville, Tennessee, my home.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words: Empathetic. Thinking. Spontaneous.

Why did you start Finding Joy?

Originally, it was my outlet in a busy and crazy life. As a mom with really young kids then I didn’t have much down time or alone time and writing became a way for me to voice what I was feeling. I would wake up early, before the kids would get up, and I’d log on and I would just write and write and write. As the years went by I developed a deep passion for being a voice for moms, for women, about the need to not forget our hearts in the midst of our journey. I’ve always been a story teller at heart and Finding Joy became a manifestation of the stories within my heart.

How do you want people to feel when they discover your blog and your writing?

Hope in possibilities.

That they are not alone.

That they have within them a deep sense of bravery and purpose.

That they are enough.

If you could choose any human (dead or alive) to become the Ambassador for Finding Joy who would you choose and why?

I think Amelia Earhart. People ask me this often and at one point I came to the conclusion that I had to chose someone. I’ve always been fascinated by Amelia’s tenacity, courage and fight. To me, she embodied the power of our minds coupled with the determination of action.

What do you think is the most important thing for us to teach the children of our generation?

To be firm in convictions yet flexible to adapt, learn and practice empathy.

How do you take care of yourself amongst the busy demands of daily life?

I sit on my front porch most mornings. This is one of those benefits of living in Nashville, haha. But, I’ve discovered that being outdoors helps reset my brain and helps calm down the never ending to-do list. When I sit outside I, in some ways, force myself to become aware of my surroundings – the temperature, the sounds, the sights. I really believe that unless we make taking care of ourselves a priority it will always be pushed off until tomorrow. Time doesn’t stop for us, we have to make time within the framework of our life.

Is there a charity or cause that you are currently aligned with or that you are planning to support through your work in the future?

I’ve been to Haiti twice and have a tremendous love of that country. While I was there I met many women working and I realised that those who are serving in missions/aid need someone to nurture them, to care for them, as well.

What has been your greatest lesson in life so far?

The places we fear might become places we love. If we let fear speak too loudly, we might miss out on the greatest opportunities and our calling in life. So instead, I celebrate bravery.


Treat: Starbucks

Person: My best friend and partner Dan

Colour: Anything neutral. My life is too chaotic to have too much colour in my home so at this point it’s a celebration of neutral. Dan laughs about it when he comes over and points out the couple of colours I have. I laugh back and tell him, “my mind needs chill.”

Word: Brave

Memory: Riding on the back of a motorcycle in Haiti along the beach as the sun set.

Magazine: We still read these?


Quote: “The most effective way to do it is to do it.” Amelia Earhart (surprise, surprise) and I’ve always loved this one “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Smell: the sawdust in my dad’s workshop followed closely by brewing coffee

Song: “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty

Rachel’s book is called The Brave Art of Motherhood. I am excited to order myself a copy soon.



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