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Top 10 Tips and Tools for Joyful Travel Photos

Travel post KK Bali 2

Travel post KK Bali


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” (Unknown)

Taking amazing photos while you travel really is the gift that keeps on giving! Capturing the moments that you know will give you joy time and time again is one of the best parts of wanderlusting!  It is such fun, and also the perfect way to take yourself instantly back to those magical travel memories that light you up between trips! If you’re not a professional photographer you can still create beautiful photos with these simple tips and tools!


Travel post Phi Phi

Travel post Waikiki

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Top 10 Tips and Tools for Joyful Travel Photos:

Use the camera that is always with you, the one that is easy and accessible. If you have a fancy DSLR that is wonderful, if not then you can be just as creative with the camera that you do have. The smart phone cameras are really advanced and if this is the camera that you have with you most of the time then this is the one you should be using! If you are travelling without plans to use your phone, then you can simply switch to airplane mode and use it solely as a camera. If you need to lug around a large, heavy camera that is not easy to use this will possibly create a barrier to you capturing the magic!

Use the magic of natural light at the best times of the day, morning and afternoon. The light at sunrise and late afternoon is by far the most beautiful when taking photos. The harsh light of midday is a little tricky to capture, especially when you are taking photos of faces. The softness and the dreamy colours at sunrise and late afternoon tend to lessen the shadows, soften the skin and create an amazing background for your photos.

Think outside the usual and change your perspective a little. It is easy to slip into a pattern or routine with the way you take your photos. While you are travelling it is the perfect time to see things a little differently. Move in a little closer to the things that stop you in your tracks, look into the sun rather than always using it as your backdrop, look up more. It only takes a slight change in your perspective to create more magic in your photos and memories.

Focus on the colours in nature. Travel can be so much more colourful than your daily routine, you tend to notice the brightness and your senses are heightened. The things that you spot in nature while you are away from home can become some of the most vibrant memories for you when you’re not travelling. The colours of sunset, flowers that you don’t normally come across, the changing blues of the ocean .. snap them all!

Notice the little details that make your travel truly magical. The photo above in Vanuatu is one of my all time travel favourites! I was sitting in a car with my friend and we had gathered a few things for brunch .. the champagne, the fresh coconut and the croissant. Such a simple photo yet it truly captured the magic of travel for me, this is not my usual weekday brunch and there are days when I am drowning in routine that I sit and stare at this one!

Think about the foods and  the amazing tastes that you can recall when back at home! Beyond just sharing your breakfast on Instagram, capturing the tastes of your travel dining can become a huge part of your memories. Everytime I look at the above photo of my Phuket breakfast spreads I am instantly taken to the luxury of those slow mornings by the pool.

Get in the photo! It is so easy to get caught up behind the camera and forget to capture your beautiful self on your travels! The selfie above is one of my favourite memories of San Francisco, I am a passenger in a convertible Mustang on the highway and it was such a spontaneous and unplanned moment captured perfectly! It was a time before selfie sticks so this is even easier now! Be sure to put yourself in as many photos as you can!

Grab some apps before you travel. The amazing array of apps available can really help you take your travel photos to the next level! If you need to brighten up a shadow, fix the colours, blur out a background or do pretty much anything with your photos, there will be an app for that! My favourite apps include Little Moments for lovely filters and overlay of text or pretty graphics, Faded for professional yet super simple filters and editing, Periscope for capturing and streaming your travels by video on your smart phone.

Be organised! Make sure that you have enough memory for your cameras before you leave, check that you have the charger and adapters that you need too. I would also suggest that you consider insurance for your cameras and devices, or check if they are covered within any existing contents or travel insurance. As soon as possible after you return home, download and back up all of your travel photos and file them by date or location or however you manage your storage.

Add some captions to create a visual diary. As you can see in the photos above, I have added a simple caption to each photo to indicate the location. I use Pic Monkey for this, you could also use Photoshop although Pic Monkey is free, online and amazingly easy to navigate. You could also add the date, a few words to describe your experience in that moment, or anything else you want to remember forever.

Do you have any other tips or tools that you use for your travel photos?

Please note: This post is part of my entry into the Virgin Australia / Pro Blogger competition.

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