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Top 10 Words + Ways to Start Your Week

Top 10 Ways to Start Your WeekDo you want to start your week in the best way possible? Bit of a rhetorical question I know .. starting your week in a way that is going to set the best possible tone for your physical and mental wellbeing is a no-brainer! Life can be messy, hectic and even a little painful at times. The reality behind whatever polished version of a life you see is most likely all of these things.

If you can set yourself up in the best possible way at the start of each week it will make such a huge difference. A little reflection, planning and self care as your weekend winds down is well worth the investment of your time and energy. If there is any negativity or stress, now is the time to reboot and wipe your energy clean for the week ahead!

The intentions that you set for the week should be powerful, succinct and inspiring! Here are 10 words + the ways in which you can use them as a guide to your best week possible:

♡ Reflect

Sunday evening is the perfect time to reflect on the week that was, I suggest starting with a list of the things that you were grateful for last week. The gratitude list can be followed by a list of the things that you would prefer not to take into the new week with you. These could be people, feelings, experiences, regrets .. each of these things have played in your role in your week and your life however you may no longer need them.

♡ Forgive

If you feel any sense of guilt, expectation or longing that you ‘should have’ achieved more or done something differently, now is the time to let this go and forgive yourself unconditionally. If you carry any of this into your new week it is going to weigh you down!

♡ Declutter

Sundays are perfect for a declutter! Spend a little time around your home removing any unwanted ‘things’.. tidy and organise your wardrobe for the week ahead, add to your bag of clothes for charity, create your outfits for a few days in advance and make sure that your space is clean and clear!

♡ Nurture

Now that you have done some reflection, put in place lots of forgiveness and made the time to declutter .. it is time for some nurturing of yourself! It may be something as simple as a quiet few hours to catch on your pile of books or magazines, take a lovely bath, a slow walk, do some writing, light some candles or whatever it is that truly nurtures your body and soul.

♡ Focus

All of these beautiful practices have you in the perfect place to focus on what it is you want to achieve, and how you want to feel this week! Make a list of the 3 things you want to feel for the week ahead .. it might be energised, positive, calm, organised, vibrant, happy, strong, decisive, joyful, centred, productive, kind, loving.

♡ Intend

Take some time to set your intentions by making a nice new list of your goals for the week ahead. Weekly goals are a great way to feel organised and inspired .. I would suggest that 5-10 goals is a good number for the week.

♡ Meditate

Switch off your technology before bed, so that all of this powerful work you have done can truly sink in. If you can spend the last 15-30 minutes before bed on Sunday night in quiet meditation or solitude this is perfect! If you need to use a guided meditation there are loads available in the app store, just be sure to set your phone to airplane mode after downloading!

♡ Restore

Gabby Bernstein says “Sleep is a spiritual practice” .. and it is so very true! Sunday night is when you need the most restful sleep, so be sure to fit in 7-8 hours or more at least once a week, preferably most nights. Take a little time to prepare for your sleep by changing to fresh sheets, burning or spraying some lavender oil or your favourite candle, tidy your bedroom, remove technology and bright lights.

♡ Energise

Monday morning is for energy! If you can get some fresh air first thing in the morning, even if this is just a few minutes of deep breathe on your balcony or in a window, this will help. Make sure that your morning is as smooth and calm as possible by being prepared, avoid early meetings, focus on the positive and remember that the way you start your day will impact the way it unfolds. One of my best tips for more energy is to wear bright colours on Mondays!

♡ Embrace

Be as positive, vibrant and open to JOY as you can each Monday morning. Avoid the collective whining, you are blessed with the gift of a brand new week, there are many people in this world who are not.


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  • Clare (@checksandspots)

    You totally nailed it Lisa…How I spend Sunday really sets me up the week ahead. I’ve actually become very disciplined about taking half an hour every Sunday afternoon to plan for the week ahead, set my intent and get the right mindset. This half hour to myself means that when Monday morning arrives it isn’t such a shock to the system!

    • admin

      Hi Clare,
      Thank you for sharing, I love your half hour intention time xx

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Sunday Night Blues be gone! Reflection and gratitude for the win – thanks for this, lovely!

    • admin

      You are so welcome, glad that you found some goodness in this xx

  • erinmadethis

    Love this so much. Going to be my new Sunday routine xx

    • admin

      So happy that you love it Erin xx
      Hope that it helps your Sundays 🙂

  • jenni from styling curvy

    Such a great reminder to reflect and be grateful…I love this Lisa xx

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