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The lovely Fleur from Our Urban Box blog personally selected all of these amazing quotes! I asked Fleur recently if she would create one of her popular Wednesday // Words posts for us and she generously agreed! Serendipitously, Fleur managed to gather most of my favourite words and I hope that you also find some words to guide you into your day!

Fleur is a fellow working Mamma who also loves to connect and share online, her blog is a lovely place to read about all of Fleur’s loves including her home, family and ‘fabulous finds’. Our Urban Box is a bright happy place, and I know that you will enjoy Fleur’s honest and positive sharing about Motherhood, life and blogging.




Fleur can be found in all of these places:





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  • di @ lime&soda

    Some of my most favourite positive thoughts. Thanks for sharing ladies


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  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Iove the thoughts n sunbeams one, it’s a fave! How true though…good thoughts are the best kinnd of skin care going x

  • Fleur - Our Urban Box

    Oh Lisa, these quotes look amazing! You did a beautiful job designing them. They look so pretty. Thank you for having me on your gorgeous blog. I have really enjoyed working with you xx

  • Fleur - Our Urban Box

    So pleased you love these words as much as I do Shannon! xx

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Some of my favourite quotes and Fleur’s is one of my favourite blogs! Way to go on a Wednesday! x

  • Jess - A Little Part of the World

    Absolutely gorgeous words. Perfect to get my day started!! Fleur is a doll and I love her Wednesday Words. Jx

  • my2morrows

    Beautiful words! Love Fleurs blog.
    Thanks for sharing lovely. Im off to start my day and throw kindness like confetti! Xx

    • admin

      YAY to throwing kindness around always Shannon xx

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