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Weekly Gathering of Joy: Beautiful Photography



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The words are a little stuck at the moment .. trapped inside my head, and a little drowned out by the darkness of recent events. While I am healing, processing and rebuilding I find that beautiful photography is particularly soothing. So the words are a little light on this occasion, I hope that you enjoy these photos and the stories and lovely people behind them.

From the top:

The Forgotten Ones is a photographic project that I came across on Instagram this week. Alexandrena Parker is the photographer, and she lives with Cystic Fybrosis. “The project seeks to celebrate and recognise the unspoken and often forgotten support that siblings provide to loved ones suffering.”

Luisa Brimble takes the most beautiful photos of people gathering and sharing food, amongst other things .. it is the gathering and the food that I love most about her style though!

Lara Hotz has always been one of my favourite wedding photographers, and this dress .. there is so much to adore about this photo!

Jodi has the most gentle and intimate way of capturing her family, I find so much peace in her words and I love everything about this recent photo of her daughter.

Beautifully, Suddenly was one of the first photography blogs I followed, Natasha takes amazing photos and I need loads of ‘calm blue ocean’ right now!

Do you have a favourite photographer or a blog that you love to visit for the photos?

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