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What it Means to be a Part of Kidspot Voices of 2015


Blogging is as far from a contest to me as anything in this life could possibly be. In fact, my blogging is quite the opposite to any notion of competition. It is all about connection, collaboration and compassion. As a personal blogger who lives by the deeply entrenched values of authenticity, honesty and keeping it very real, my gratitude for being included as a finalist in the Voices of 2015 campaign is all about the impact of this on the lives of others.

Sharing the life lessons that can be found in the darkest of times is a little like shining a light into the places you least want to invite people .. yet by doing this I am also shining the light where it is needed most for others. It is absolutely the most precious gift, to be able to share my own lessons so that others are left feeling less alone and ultimately more hopeful.

It would be naive of me to ignore the fact that there is an element of competitiveness that lurks beneath many of the pursuits we choose for ourselves in life. It can be found in the most unlikely and surprising places too! I believe that it is our responsibility to elevate ourselves above this as much as possible, so that ultimately we elevate the energy for ourselves and others and the world as a whole.


This quote landed with divine timing in my life .. reminding me that it is all about honouring our unique and beautiful voices, minds and stories. If you can stay focussed on this then the notion of competition drops away. It becomes more naturally about living your truth and attracting the right types of people to your truth. These people are the ones who do not see you as competition, they see you as a kindred spirit, an ally and an equal.

The energy that you put out into the world is reflected right back at you in the way you experience the world, the people you bring into your world and the impact that you ultimately have on the world. My humble little blog with the huge heart has been recognised as having a unique and creative voice and I could not be more grateful. My gratitude for you the reader of my words is beyond measure, thank you for allowing me to be heard, and to reach into your heart and your world.

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