Where was the Joy in your June?

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In the depths of Winter my heart (and my lens) seems to naturally seek out the colour in our world. As you can see from these photo favourites from the month of June, there is still lots of colour to be found, as well as a sense of comfort. June has been a bit of a lovely month. The sunshine has been abundant in Sydney and surrounds, and there have been plenty of moments worth capturing and celebrating.

Winter tends to encourage a sense of hibernation, and I have certainly been spending a lot of time wrapped in the warmth of our daybed and getting very intimate with my Mac! My study in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy is intense .. and it is the perfect time to tuck myself away with the books and online lectures!

The school year is halfway through (can you believe it!) and the routine is already very familiar and welcomed. Do you find that your attitude towards routine and the seemingly mundane is the key to finding joy here? It is certainly the case for me, and although there are days that stretch forever threatening to suck the joy out of you, attitude really does change things.

If you can train yourself to see the light, focus on the moments and relish in the comforts of your routine I promise this will be a positive thing for you. If you are constantly focused on the ‘mundane’ and if your language is dragging you down, you will find yourself in a negative cycle of only wanting more, which paradoxically will end up being more of what you are complaining about!

The joy simply is in the moments, especially thoseΒ moments that you tend to rush over if you are caught up in your own version of being busy and negative! Capturing those fleeting yet beautiful moments with your phone or your ‘real camera’ is a way to reflect and then bring more mindfulness into your moments, days, months and years.

My time in Melbourne for the Kidspot Voices 2015 launch included many magical moments, as did our weekend in Newcastle.

The photos that I have chosen for the month of June are all about the moments that made up the month, and the memories and the way I felt about myself and my life during this time. Spending some time gathering your moments like this is such a lovely way to practice what I like to call being “Gratefully Mindful.”

Where was the Joy in your June? I would love to hear about your moments xx

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  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I enjoyed some wonderful moments, but I think some of my favourites were a night time ferry ride at Vivid, sunset at the Three Sisters and baking a lot of cakes. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make us the happiest. I love your pics and hope the July brings joy PLUS! (Sorry for shouting!) xx

    • admin

      Thank you Sammie, I love that we both had lots of lovely moments in our Junes xx

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