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Writing has been a part of my self expression, a type of meditation and medication…for as long as I can remember. Memories include lovingly compiling a collection of my own poems in primary school, designing little magazines for my family, writing elaborate breakfast menus when sleeping over at my beloved grandparents and always taking great pride in my high school writing projects. My wonderful English teacher told me in my final year of school that I had a book in me and I believe him, maybe even more than one.

Blogging has become a natural progression in my writing, allowing me the freedom and the reach to write with complete honesty and abandon! How wonderful it is that technology has given us this limitless platform for our words! It has never been easier to celebrate the written word, to share through our writing and to connect with others whose words touch our hearts. Sammie from The Annoyed ThyroidΒ is one such soul who entered my world through the magic of blogging and social media…our pics crossed paths on Instagram and we entered each other’s sacred online homes! It was Sammie who invited me to muse on Why I Write, specifically on the following aspects of my writing as part of a blogger series:

Why do you write?

I write to unpack the complexities of my own experience, to extend the hand of shared experience in the hope that my lessons learned will reach those who need it most. I write to exercise my creativity, to carefully craft the words that are always dancing so frantically in my head, and my heart. I write to unwind, to create a legacy and to accompany my own unique journey through this crazy beautiful life.

What am I working on?

This place right here, the art of joy! It is where I am spending most of my nights, and hours stolen during the day too. I have been playing small with my blogging for many years, trying to find my groove. Well here it is! I finally feel at home here, content and fired up all at the same time, that magic combination of passion and purpose. My writing is evolving, my story telling is becoming more and more a part of my own process and reaching into more corners of the world!

It is my hope that this space also soon becomes the home of my grand charity vision! (watch this space people!)

How does my writing differ from others in it’s genre?

I am guessing that I fall within the “Mummy Blogger” genre, cos I’m a Mummy, and a blogger. Never has there been such a sweeping, all encompassing genre! It all needs to be taken with a little bit of good humour and a grain of salt in my opinion. My writing is rather intense, deeply personal and also sprinkled with a generous dose of optimism..actually this pretty sums up my personality too! It really is aimed at the deeper end of the genre, for me personally I strive to have significance and meaning.

Why do I write what I do?

I write with complete authenticity simply because that is what feels right for me. I am a deeply authentic person, I live with intensity and complete honesty and my writing reflects this perfectly imperfectly! Sharing the level of personal detail that I do is an integral part of my life purpose, taking the lessons from the tragedy and and sharing them openly. Sometimes I think that all of my pain and loss would have been a waste if someone else is not able to learn and take some hope from them.

How does my writing process work?

As a perfectionist and (obsessively) organised person, my writing process is surprisingly chaotic! My mind races with blog post ideas constantly, I devour books daily and consume way too much online media! It is a mammoth task to try and create a neat or efficient process in this type of environment. I love to fill notebooks, and I also create draft blog posts as the ideas come to me. My ‘process’ (used loosely!) also involves a lot of online courses, reading on the topics close to my heart, creating the right space in which to write and triple checking before sharing!

As a part of this blog series I was asked to pass this topic onto 3 other bloggers who I think may also like to share on the topic. There are 3 beautiful souls whose writing I adore and who I hope may like to accept my invitation to create a similar post:

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  • renee bell

    Love this post Lisa. Completely forgot to follow on and write the post – so sorry! Will do it asap xx

  • Sarah Poppy

    Thanks for your kind words Lisa and I look forward to writing my post about “Why I write’. Looking forward to reflecting. I’ll let you know when it is up. X

  • Sammie

    Thanks for accepting my bloggy baton and writing such an awesome post. I’m pleased I’m not the only one who blogs as they go and I completely concur about the pain and loss – I too feel that my suffering would have been a waste if someone else is not able to learn and take some hope from it. I like to think of writing as turning that negative into a positive and putting it to good use! x

    • admin

      Glad that you like the post xx My blog was doing funny things last night so I snuck it up and will share today when I am able to fix what is going on with the home page EEK!!

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