Friendships and Mental Illness

It’s near impossible to explain to someone with no personal experience of mental illness how those of us who struggle really feel. We really are living in two very separate worlds on the inside, and although we can’t truly let you into this world, we can all practice the important acts of acceptance and kindness to close the gap.

Friendships and mental illness are complex companions. My mental illness can cause me to cancel plans at the last minute, it can make me avoid large crowds of people, and it can seem like all of this is simply me not caring.

Inspired By Series

Rachel is Finding Joy



Extra-ordinary humans | Living their lives with JOY | Keeping it Real

Rachel Martin has been one of my online rays of light for many years. It was the shared focus on joy in our writing and single parenting that drew me to her online space Finding Joy. Always real, honest and brave I have found so much solace in Rachel’s Facebook posts, her page is adored by many. Busy with recently birthing a new book, nurturing the joy in her beautiful children and sharing so generously online, I was a little bit excited when Rachel was able to be a part of my interview series.

Grief + Loss Life Lessons

Losing a Parent

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The loss of a parent. It’s a big one. It’s the one we all tend to lock away in the back of our minds, wanting to avoid yet knowing in our hearts will be our collective reality one day.

I cared for and lost a parent earlier than most. I was 16 when my Mum had the catastrophic car accident that would change my life and many others forever. That’s the thing about car accidents, they have lifelong consequences that most people will never truly understand. It was one day, a moment in time, light rain and the only witness was the one whose life was so very nearly taken.