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Stand up Speak out .. My experience of domestic violence


The new White Ribbon Day oath goes something like this: I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women.

So important, such a huge shift in the way that we have previously chosen to deal with domestic violence. It has been the unspoken, hush-hush horror that not many are willing to confront. For good reason too, if you are on the receiving end of any violence or bullying. It is scary and surreal, and very hard to comprehend or truly understand what it is like to suddenly find yourself in this reality when it previously seemed like something that only happened to ‘other people.’

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the art of KINDNESS

the art of KINDNESS

(This post is the secondย in my series of three for the Kidspot Voices of 2015 | #fordthinking Challenge)

It was always going to be about the kindness. Life, and my own unique story, has taught me that kindness and giving back is my ‘reason’. It took me a while to uncover this reason, better late than never when tuning into your life purpose! It is now a part of my every thought process, how can I turn this moment in time, this experience, this lesson (or even this shit storm) around to be about kindness? It is this that allows me to honour my abundance of loss and ensure that my darkness always becomes light.

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Blogging for Good + a Giveaway


When bloggers and charity combine .. the world is a better place. In all seriousness, the power of a kind hearted blogger committed to blogging for good is immense! Using your voice for good is one of the greatest things about being a blogger, if only more bloggers lived by this philosophy, it would create even more change and help even more of our fellow humans who are most in need!