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Notes on Mother Guilt


It tends to creep up on you, the Mother Guilt. It is a sneaky, relentlessΒ thing .. much like the anxiety. It doesn’t matter how smart, prepared or resilient you are either. I find that Mother Guilt is a constant voice that needs to be managed or it can really chip away at your belief in yourself.

Mother Guilt is usually irrational, coming from a place of fear rather than love. It takes a lot of constant reflection and meditation on this, as well as self love to put it back in its place. Does it have a place though, or is it simply useless? This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

Life Lessons Mental Health Wellbeing

Top 10 Words + Ways to Start Your Week

Top 10 Ways to Start Your WeekDo you want to start your week in the best way possible? Bit of a rhetorical question I know .. starting your week in a way that is going to set the best possible tone for your physical and mental wellbeing is a no-brainer! Life can be messy, hectic and even a little painful at times. The reality behind whatever polished version of a life you see is most likely all of these things.

If you can set yourself up in the best possible way at the start of each week it will make such a huge difference. A little reflection, planning and self care as your weekend winds down is well worth the investment of your time and energy. If there is any negativity or stress, now is the time to reboot and wipe your energyΒ clean for the week ahead!

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Can you Learn to Love Facebook?

Learn to Love Facebook


It is old news that Facebook and social media are somewhat controversial! It is also old news that I am (absolutely!) pro social media, and anti Facebook bashing. The reason for this, I believe that it is a reflection of how you feel about your life in general .. so blaming social media for a bad experience seems like a bit of a cop out to me!

It is entirely possible to learn to love Facebook, and it will create a much better experience for you if you naturally tend towards indifference or worse! It truly is an amazing tool, there has never been anything like it and it is not going anywhere anytime soon so I strongly suggest embracing it!