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the art of KINDNESS

the art of KINDNESS

(This post is the second in my series of three for the Kidspot Voices of 2015 | #fordthinking Challenge)

It was always going to be about the kindness. Life, and my own unique story, has taught me that kindness and giving back is my ‘reason’. It took me a while to uncover this reason, better late than never when tuning into your life purpose! It is now a part of my every thought process, how can I turn this moment in time, this experience, this lesson (or even this shit storm) around to be about kindness? It is this that allows me to honour my abundance of loss and ensure that my darkness always becomes light.





















Kindness does not always need to be about grand gestures, or carefully planned days like the one that I have just shared with one of my blogging besties Sammie from The Annoyed Thyroid. Kindness can become a part of your days a lot more organically. On this occasion though, I wanted to share something a little bit out of the ordinary with Sammie.

As soon as I was accepted into the #fordthinking challenge I thought of Sammie straight away. I also thought about how I could turn the gift of this car into something truly meaningful, Sammie and kindness go hand in hand so it all came together beautifully!

Yes it has been a dream for my little man and I to (temporarily) leave the ‘bomb car’ on the side of the road and enjoy the luxury and safety of the New Ford Everest. It is not enough for us to benefit though. So we spent the past few weeks gathering donations from kind friends and strangers, shopping for some of the other things we needed and mapping out how much kindness we could pack into the (gigantic) Everest and into our day together.

It is a ‘concept’ that we all know well, the benefits of charity, philanthropy, giving back .. it became pretty clear though on the day of our #everestkindnesschallenge that maybe not enough of the ‘concept’ is being acted upon. It was eye opening to see how truly shocked the recipients of some of our acts of kindness really were. I heard the word ‘rare’ mumbled a little too often for my liking!

On the other hand, the world is overflowing with goodness, there are people quietly working away in the most significant and life changing jobs, volunteer roles and living humble yet extraordinary lives that deserve to be celebrated.

The causes that we chose to support in the kindness packed Everest were:

Uplift Bras: such an amazing little charity, we dropped a big bag full of bras that will be sent to women in need in countries such as Bali, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands and also closer to home in the Northern Territory. Many women in these poorer places are unable to spend money on items such as bras so this is a really simple way for us to change lives!

The Nappy Collective: another really simple idea that is changing the lives of families in crisis. The Nappy Collective gathers unused, leftover and new disposable nappies so that they can be distributed to disadvantaged families. Started by a group of Mums who have now collected and distributed almost 500,000 nappies!

The Exodus Foundation: was founded by Reverend Bill Crews, providing support to the homeless and disadvantaged in Ashfield and other areas of Sydney. We knew that we wanted to contribute some food items for their restaurant and food vans and it was such a lovely experience to meet some of the staff while we were there.

Asylum Seekers Centre: based in Newtown, and such an important place! Described as .. “a place of hospitality and welcome. It is an oasis for many people, a safe place for those who have fled situations of great danger.” We dropped quite a lot of needed toiletries, more nappies and also some children’s gifts.

Sacred Heart Hospice: our last stop, one that I predicted was going to be fateful .. and emotional. The Sacred Heart (a part of St Vincent’s Hospital) provides palliative care and also rehabilitation. Such an important space, also very personal for me. We had saved most of our amazing bunches from Little Flowers, knowing that they would be particularly well received here. It was a bit serendipitous that we ran straight into the Volunteer Manager on arrival, one of those people you feel as though you have known a long time. We dropped flowers, Sammie’s homemade fudge and other treats to the staff in ICU, Emergency and left some for Palliative Care. I have a feeling we are only just getting started with Sacred Heart!

If it wasn’t for the Rear Camera and Active Park Assist, we would not have been able to pack this much kindness into one day! Zipping around inner Sydney on a Friday is hectic, parking outside busy charity buildings, grabbing the flowers, popping in and out of such busy streets was super easy in the New Ford Everest!! Thank you so much to Kidspot and Ford for the chance to brighten so many lives xx

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  • Karin @ Calm to Conniption

    What bright, beautiful people you two are!

    • admin

      OH Karin that is so lovely of you xx

  • OurParallelConnection

    This is just beautiful and nothing like a little kindness to make the world around you seem even more wonderful. You were chosen for the #JustBecause Linkup

    • admin

      Thank you so much for the kind words xx

  • jenni from styling curvy

    I’m so blessed to know the two of you. I love that you sprinkled kindness that will ripple throughout your community and have a far reaching effect. Kindness breeds kindness…well done X

    • admin

      OH thank you Jen that is lovely xx
      We are blessed to know you too!!

  • Rebel Without A Pause

    AMAZING! And the fudge … of the course THE FUDGE!

    So beautiful x

    • admin

      Thank you so much Rebel, I’m so grateful for Sammie (and her love fudge) xx

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    I am so thrilled and honoured that you chose me to be a part of the kindness challenge. It was the best day ever, and there’s no one else I’d rather have shared it with. I still feel warm and fuzzy thinking about that day, because nothing makes me happier than seeing someone smile and knowing I put it there. There were so many smiles on faces that day. Love your work, lady xx

    • admin

      Sammie it would not have been the same without you, I knew you were going to be my partner in kindness from the moment the idea came into my head! xx

  • my2morrows

    You two are just the most thoughtful, generous souls. This totally made my day and gave me goosebumps. Xx

    • admin

      Thank you for being a part of it too Shan, and for contributing your love and support xx

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