What is your Style?

what is your style?

I am struggling to answer this question .. what is your style? In fact I have been struggling with this one for a couple of years, perhaps since becoming a Mother, approaching and embracing my 40s and realising that I have had quite a few different ‘styles’ over the years, and what is my real style? Is this something that can change, or is it in fact something within us that we discover and uncover as we grow and become our true selves?

The images in this collage all come from a board I have on Pinterest called Style to Inspire. If I was to try and articulate the style that I am striving for, this collection of images would be it. Much like my home, it is somewhat eclectic, hard to categorise. It is a little bit colourful, a little bit boho, a little bit classic, a little bit comfort .. all mashed together! Hence my current issue with answering this question, what is your style?

Style is such a subjective and emotional thing to define don’t you think? In relation to happiness, contentment and confidence I believe that it is something we need to define. Over the past few years I have struggled with back pain, some weight gain and a crash in my confidence. My wardrobe is a bit of a disaster zone, littered with some classics and a lot of impulse purchases with a huge turnover from new to charity bin. I am ready to explore the truth behind finding your style, and how this impacts on living a happy and joyful life.

I think that it is important to consider the role of body image in all of this too. Learning to love and accept our bodies, and finding a style that truly reflects this is a huge part of living a content and authentic life. I have been everything from an unhealthy size 6 to my current size 14. I am quite tall so 12-14 I believe is my natural, and healthiest size, although you know that I am not a fan of this type of ‘measurement’. If you can embrace the body you are in and think of your style as an expression of your personality then I think this is the key to being happy in your skin, and your clothing!

“Style is knowing who are you, what you want to say, and not giving a damn!”Β 

This quote by Orson Welles pretty much sums it up for me, style should be your ultimate form of self expression. I know for me it has certainly been this, and over the past 18 months during some of the most difficult times of my life, I have hidden from the world with bland and oversized clothes. I was in so much emotional pain that I could not stand the thought of anyone noticing me or the pain. Style can become something that we hide behind during times like these.

It may be that during yourΒ times of great learnings and growth in self awareness youΒ edge closer to the discovery of yourΒ true style. As you strip away the outer layers that protect your inner knowing from the harshness and the pain of life, you come to your true self, and your true style. It is my hope to reach right into that knowing and that style over the coming months, and perhaps you might want to join me?

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